Joujou is my response to the industry brief set by The Chase.

Many sex toy brands & websites can be daunting & sometimes overwhelming for people in the LGBT+ community where they are not represented well; the use of heteronormative language & branding can be discouraging for queer people who are looking to explore kink.

In this project I worked with this issue in mind & created a range of work that could be applied to a sex toy brand that is accessible & inclusive for everyone, providing a safe, educational environment.

Joujou - Your New Best Friends

An animation I designed for the websites front page to welcome customers. Each toy represents a different style of play that would help you navigate the store.

Joujou - Your New Best Friends Image

Joujou - The Gang's All Here

To make the brand more welcoming I designed these characters to assist in educating customers about the different toys and styles of play that they would find on the site. 

Joujou - The Gang's All Here Image

Joujou - Character Studies

Joujou - Character Studies Image

Joujou - Normalisation

As customers browse the site, it would not be unusual to catch the occasional image of Joujou’s mascots engaging in salacious activities, this is to give the customer a laugh & to reassure them that they are not alone in their sexual interests.

Joujou - Normalisation Image

Joujou - Toys

Joujou - Toys Image

Joujou - Silhouettes

Joujou - Silhouettes Image

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