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A showcase of work from my final year at UCLan.

Carmelite Prize 2020

Below is my entry to the Carmelite Prize 2020, run by the Hachette Children’s Group. 

This year’s text, “One and Only”, written by Jeanne Willis, follows the story of a lonely bird of paradise in his tenacious endeavours to find a friend.

My illustrations for this project are composed of hand-cut paper, with added textures to enhance the sense of colour, vibrancy & depth. 

Carmelite Prize 2020 Image

Carmelite Prize - "Not Impressed"

Carmelite Prize - "Not Impressed" Image

Carmelite Prize - "Please Don't Go"

Carmelite Prize - "Please Don't Go" Image

Carmelite Prize - "Dancing In The Rain"

Carmelite Prize - "Dancing In The Rain" Image

Personal Project - 2 out of 3

“2 out of 3” is, simply put, a zine about love! 

Positive LGBT+ representation is hard enough to come by in mainstream media, & any positive representation of polyamory, within the queer community or not, is almost non-existent. Because of this, there’s still a lot of stigma & misunderstanding attached to non-monogamous people; that they are promiscuous, commitment-phobic & unfaithful etc. It is my hope that by sharing a pocketful of my experiences in a gay non-monogamous relationship, I can help to better represent alternative relationships & show that love, despite its complexities, is universal.

Illustratively, “2 out of 3” is a light-hearted celebration of colour & texture, with soft pastels & loose, unrefined line. Using a collection of diary comics about my partner & me, I have showcased in the finished zine a few that I feel best represent the awkward, honest intimacies of navigating eachother’s boundaries, mental health, & establishing effective open communication.


Personal Project - 2 out of 3 Image

2 out of 3 - Long Distance

2 out of 3 - Long Distance Image

2 out of 3 - Hyperhonesty

2 out of 3 - Hyperhonesty Image

2 out of 3 - Anxiety

2 out of 3 - Anxiety Image

2 out of 3 - Zine Mock-up

2 out of 3 - Zine Mock-up Image

2 out of 3 Zine

DISCLAIMER – 18+, contains bad language & partial nudity

Read the full zine here (18+)

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