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Hot sauces that are already on the market don’t fully express the excitement of the flavours of eating hot food.
Brand & Package a series of hot sauces that bring the excitement back into the kitchen.

When I was younger, my mum would cook me the blandest food with very little seasoning and I would find myself wanting more from my meals. So, as an act of rebellion, I’d lather my food in hot sauces to give life to my boring meals. Skip forward many years and i still have the same attitude towards food – regardless of what it is or who’s cooked it. For me, there’s something about the sensations and flavours of hot sauces that always make a meal complete.


The brand mark uses three colours of the chillies to signify the increase in heat. As the full focus needs to be on the design of the brand, the mark was kept minimal and typographic.

Logo Image

Three Logos

Each jar has their own mark featuring the chilli from the sauce on a seal sticker for the lid. Applying the mark in this way gave me more space on the label for the typography on the design.

Three Logos Image


Three word phrases were chosen for the names of the sauces as opposed to using the names of the chillies as this was more intriguing and gave an indication of how hot they are from the names.
Juxtaposing colours were added behind the chillies on each label to bring more attention to the ingredients in the sauce. The jars decrease in size as the sauce gets hotter as you wouldn’t have to use as much sauce if it’s hotter.

Jars Image

Full Label

The back of the label has the heat rating of the sauce as well as a brief description.

Full Label Image


Colour coded brand posters contain reactions from people eating the hot sauce, again giving an indication of how hot the sauces are.

Posters Image


The website is split into two with recipes on the left and the sauces on the right, both scrolling individually.

Functioning website can be found here:


Due to the limitations of Adobe XD I was unable to split the scroll functionality of the website. Animation of the scrolling can be found in the video below. 

Website Image

Website navigation

Website navigation video.

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