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Originating from the domain area of “Toys”, final year projects have investigated interactive products to reduce early onset of degenerative diseases such as dementia, as well as futuristic concepts that consider a new form of personal transportation in the year 2080.

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The CAPSULE product works by using scent, sound, sight and touch to create an immersive experience. These immersive experiences allow the user to remember things they may have previously forgotten.

The product contains models that have their own sound and scent. When the model is removed from the main holder, the sound is played, and the model holder can be squeezed to release the scent. Models include iconic products to help resonate memories from a Mini Cooper to a Space Shuttle.



CAPSULE Exploded

Internal components include Bluetooth, two 40W speakers, RFID, LEDs and a PCB to ensure an interactive experience where the user can see, smell and feel their memories. Introducing dual speakers and Bluetooth allows the product to be used as a home speaker as a secondary function.


CAPSULE Exploded Image


Surveys were conducted for the CAPSULE to find out the most relatable models. From this it was found that classic cars or peoples first cars held a strong connection. Other transport models include a rocket and Concorde which both represent great achievement which were watched and remembered word wide. The final two models are music based and would come with a chosen song as its sound as music always holds a strong connection to peoples lives and memories.

CAPSULE Models Image

VT2 Hover Board

The VT2 Hover Board is produced by the company Vor-Techs for its release in 2080, the board is 44” long with a 38” standing base like long boards. The difference with this board is the holo-loop technology where separate footplates are used for each foot rather than the usual solid base that the user would stand on. These footplates allow for more control including speed and height like how a harrier jet uses its vertical take-off.

VT2 Hover Board Image

VT2 Footplates

The hyperloop sits within the main body and is controlled by the power pack at the back of the loop. These loops use a similar feature to a nuclear fusion reactor as they allow the magnets to spin much faster than they could without the cover.

The footplates harness the spinning of the hyperloop to create a vortex under each of the footplates. Footplate upgrades can be purchased and installed by the user.

VT2 Footplates Image

Colour Range

The VT2 comes in a variety of colours from the standard palette to the more luxuriant special edition releases of pearlescent shines and matt textures.

Conducting forecasting and horizon scanning activities, it was determined that more exotic colours may be used for a product such as a hoverboard. Components such as the vent borders are customizable by purchase, and all boards include fully customizable lighting.


Colour Range Image


A 3D printing activity was undertaken to improve computer aided design and manufacturing skills. A scooter was the choice of product to recreate.

Separate components such as the wheels and steering column can move similarly to a scooter by considering tolerances and necessary fixtures.

Scooter Image

Scooter Parts

Separate components assist in the painting stages before being fully assembled. Priming and air-brushing techniques were applied to produce a high quality toy model.

The final model once built is around 17cm long.

Scooter Parts Image

Krups Nescafe Coffee Machine

The coffee machine was part of a practice exercise completed during the summer between second year and third year.

The coffee machine project demonstrates analysis and detailing skills by using reference images. The task was to measure and build the Krups Necafe coffee machine in solidworks to 1:1 scale, focussing on its A-Surface.

Krups Nescafe Coffee Machine Image

Coffee Machine Parts

The project assists in improving one’s ability to realise a concept from only the use of images. The challenge is to re-imagine the concept 3-dimensionally using computer aided software and applying  knowledge of assembly criteria.

Coffee Machine Parts Image

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