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Destruction Workers

Destruction Workers is a social awareness campaign created to shed light on the suicidal rates of men in the profession. The visual communications for the campaign are designed to represent how the workers feel.  

Destruction Workers Image

Durex - Disabilities don’t stop humans.

Disabled people aren’t being seen as human beings, never mind sexual beings. Sex is an integral part of being human, its no more or less human than having a laugh with your friends.

Durex will launch the ‘Being Human’ campaign with the aim to show just how human disabled people are by associating disabilities with the everyday.

Being human means we do human things.

In collaboration with Eleanor Spickett

Durex - Disabilities don’t stop humans. Image


Characters is a chain of ten UK wide second hand book shops, each with its own unique characteristics. Each shop is themed around one of ten classic genres and have their own character traits.

Characters Image

Royal Mail - Weatherspoons

The brief was to create a special issue of Royal Mail postage stamps, however Royal Mail Stamps only ever feature British media. And what’s more British than Weatherspoons?

Each Weatherspoons have their own unique carpet designed with consideration to the area and history of the pub.


Royal Mail - Weatherspoons Image

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