Industry set Brief – Royal Mail

Brief set by The Chase Creative Consultants to design a set of Postage Stamps and Presentation Pack for the Royal Mail.

Topic – Celebrating 50 years of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Presentation Pack

The Presentation Pack contains information of the cast on the front as well as a brief description of the show. On the back of the pack is facts and information about stamps and the scenes they’re based on.

As each member of Monty Python has an asteroid named after them, the design of the pack is space themed.

Presentation Pack Image

Presentation Pack

Presentation Pack Image

Presentation Pack - Front and Back

Presentation Pack - Front and Back Image

Terry Gilliam

This stamp is based on the animations of Terry Gilliam, of which was sprinkled throughout the
TV Series and used as a segway between sketches. The stamp comes with a sticker set to recreate the
collage-style scenes Gilliam created for the show.

Terry Gilliam Image

Terry Gilliam

Terry Gilliam Image

The Giant Foot

The Giant Foot is seen at the end of the title credits stomping on the title of the show.
This has been recreated on the stamp by having the foot come out of the stamp, stamping onto the envelope.

The Giant Foot Image

The Spanish Inquisition

Bursting on set whenever a character says “I wasn’t expecting a Spanish Inquisition!”, the Spanish Inquisition sketch has been solidified in British Pop Culture.

Thermochromic Ink was used on this stamp to cover up Ximinez, recreating the surprise from the sketch.

The Spanish Inquisition Image

Thermochromic Reveal

Thermochromic Reveal Image

The Dead Parrot

The Dead Parrot sketch is another iconic scene from the show featuring the deceased Norwegian Blue Parrot.

The stamp includes one of the most well-known quotes from the series. 

The Dead Parrot Image

The Long Arm

Featured in a sketch by Terry Gilliam, The Long Arm sketch shows the battle between the extended limb and a fig leaf on the crotch of Michelangelo’s David, meant to represent the struggle between the cast and the BBC’s censorship. 

The arm extends out of the stamp at twice the length of the original stamp. 

The Long Arm Image

The Silly Walk

Perhaps the most iconic scene from the show, The Silly Walk has John Cleese portrays a
Government worker responsible for developing silly walks.

These silly walks can be recreated by combining the stamp with one of four leg stickers.

The Silly Walk Image

Stamp & Stickers

Stamp & Stickers Image

First Day & Cancellation Stamp

First Day & Cancellation stamps using elements from the show – the iconic foot and an edited line from the Dead Parrot sketch. “This is an ex-parrot stamp”

First Day & Cancellation Stamp Image

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