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The first half of the Third year involved working with Industry professionals on briefs they had set or had been given before.

I worked with The Chase on creating a sex toy brand aiming to bring a new audience to the world of erotic toys.

Champions of Climax - Characters

I decided I wanted to create characters for the brand and the idea was that gamers could have a sex toy brand designed for them, with characters representing different parts of the website and unlock features and characters by buying more. 

There will be a download of my presentation at the end of this portfolio.

Champions of Climax - Characters Image

Champions of Climax - App

This shows the evolution of one of the characters – The Knight, if you bought multiple toys from his section of the website he would level up and you would gain extra perks and maybe discounts.

There is also a little preview of an app game I had the idea to incorporate into the brand, your purchases would give you more characters and stronger equipment. A new way of incorporating DLC into games using physical sales.

Champions of Climax - App Image

Champions of Climax - Presentation

A short presentation pitch of the idea behind Champions of Climax and explains the reasons behind the characters and what the designs are intended for etc..

Download PDF Presentation

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