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As makers I believe it is our responsibility to influence a more sustainable way in which we consume. In such an age where trends come and go within a scroll of the latest news feed, how can we generate a more meaningful relation between the consumer and object?

Through several seminars I planned to invite a panel, of both creative and non-creative people, to a gallery space to interact and converse with the sculptures that I had made. Wood, metal and concrete are three of many common materials that we see daily in our personal environment, but do we recognise/ appreciate them for their natural states? The pieces will be made from such materials to illustrate to the participants how it began as raw stock, to the finished article. The purpose of the experiment is to generate a reaction. One that plays on three key elements; emotion, motivation and cognition to determine the nature of consumers’ relations with consumption objects.

The ‘Slice’ is the first of a series of sculptures where I could collect data from the participants’ interaction. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 this experiment has not yet been able to take place. To show the finished article, without being able to be tactile with the piece, would not fashion the conversations needed to understand and influence a change in people’s consumerism.

In this exhibition I have taken the opportunity to illustrate how the ‘Slice’ has been made. It shows the stages that usually only a maker would see. Each stage of the process reveals a new viewpoint to investigate, generating a bond between the maker and material. This unspoken appreciation is what the project looks to achieve once seen by the participants. Ultimately causing people to think more deeply in what materials best suit them, creating a more sustainable personal environment.

Stage 1

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Stage 2

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Stage 3

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Stage 4

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  • Degree show 2020
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