The design thesis proposal is contenxtualised in the Cool district,Rotterdam.

This urban intervention design is described as the Imagination Factory, Verbeelding Fabriek.

The Imagination Factory is a creative playscape where a child can be immersed in  an atmosphere of wonder and fantacy,the building is designed to stimulate the childs sense of curiosity and play.This  proposal provides a free arena to stir the childs creative engine to create and appreciate the idea of making  through the mediums of expressions of art,freepainting and  pottery.

Characters of the Imagination Factory

These are a series of initial illustrations used as inspiration to design the character of spaces in the Imagination Factory.

Characters of the Imagination Factory Image

Catalogue of Schools

The number of primary schools in the surrounding context, identified to use the design proposal.

Catalogue of Schools Image

Site Context

This image illustrates the considerations for the application of the programme in the surrounding context and larger context.

Site Context Image

Site plan 1:200

The site plans shows the different characters of spaces in the context of the proposed building.

Site plan 1:200 Image

Building elevations 1:500

This image shows the buildings south and west elevations in context with the surrounding buildings.

Building elevations 1:500 Image

Building sections 1:500

This image shows the building sections a-a and section b-b in context to the surrounding buildings.

Building sections 1:500 Image

Building detail 1:20 elevation

This image shows a section of the buildings elevation at a scale of 1:20.

Building detail 1:20 elevation Image

Building detail 1:20 section

This images shows a detail section of the building at a scale 1:20.

Building detail 1:20 section Image

Wonder Funnel visualization

This is a visual expression showing how the wonder funnel would be used experienced, as the entrance into the Imagination Factory.

Wonder Funnel visualization Image

Enchantement forest visualization

This image shows a visual of how the enchantment forest would be experienced as as an interactive  exhbition space leading into the courtyard.

Enchantement forest visualization Image

Rainbow Island visualization

This image shows a visual of how the rainbow island would be experienced as  an arena for children to express themselves through art.

Rainbow Island visualization Image

Welcome to the Imagination Factory

This image shows the entrance of the  imagination factory in relation to the surrounding context.

Welcome to the Imagination Factory Image

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Anita Atuhaire Nyabeeya

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  • Degree show 2020
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