How an environment artist can create a simulated cinematic scene.

For the first module, I will be modelling a 3D environment scene.

For this module, I will be exploring the more cinematic routes in which games design can venture into. In this project, I wanted to explore cinematic camera angles within environments that can continue a player’s immersive experience within a game. I have been taking the main inspirations from film. For example ‘Ford vs Ferrari’ and ‘Bullitt’. These films both employ varied camera angles to create the drama within a scene, bringing their audience closer to the action. This is something I wanted to use within my scene, creating tension and drama, adding to the player’s experience. I am continuing with the use of movement in gaming scenes as I have found this to be prominent in the player’s immersive experience. With this being a cutscene style, it will not be overly complicated as I feel it does not require it to be enjoyable. Instead, it will have small but important details, giving the realism required.

Close Up of Environment Scene

A close up of the UE4 Environment Scene. Showing the detail of the foliage and background, building up the layers of the environment. 

Close Up of Environment Scene Image

Empty Street Scene

UE4 Environment depicting an American Country Road, taking inspiration from film and cinema such as the  2011 film ‘Super 8′. 

Empty Street Scene Image

Train Crossing

A UE4 Envirnment showing a lit up train crossing, again taking inspiration from film.

Train Crossing Image

Freighter Train Scene

UE4 Environment depicting a freighter train running its course down the tracks.

Freighter Train Scene Image

Lone Car Scene

A UE4 environment depicting a lone 1976 Dodge Monaco driving down the street. Taking inspiration from Blue Brothers (1980) for the car model design.  

Lone Car Scene Image

Final Show Piece (Semester 3)

My final Show Piece for the MA Submission. Depicting my entire environement scene, all modelled and created through UE4 Engine.

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