History of A Place

I am investigating memory, a history of a place, and the overlooked.   My practice explores urban dereliction and the throwaway society that consumes, discards and is left to decay.  I capture the visceral elements that connect to a place and moment in time, by exploring deteriorating surfaces that expose their materiality. As a multi-disciplinary artist, I work with photography, found material assemblages, printmaking and video. I use documentary photography to observe and reflect on the world around as I am intrigued by those elements so often disregarded, reflecting moments of loss or change.  I am drawn to apertures, the out of place, deteriorated signs and ghost images. By projecting these photographs onto a layered fabric screen the broken nature of these industrial ruins is intensified. 

My work takes a cyclical journey with certain underlying themes of found materials, layering, distressed surfaces, traces and trails. In the fabric assemblages, I use deconstructed table linens as the structure and patterns, lend themselves to the apertures and barriers of the buildings. Part of my process is to find ways of distressing the materials that mark or stain the surface.  found that by burying the linens in the compost bin I could discolour and distress the fabric by marking and blemishing the surface.  I refer to this process as ‘compost harvesting’ and have recorded the stages of this process in the “History of a Cloth” video. These pieces are used in the fabric assemblages which in turn reflect the documentary photographs of urban dereliction.  

Layered Histories

Video projection on cloth installation.

This building in Manchester clearly shows the history of a building laid bare and its several incarnations, once majestic, now a patchwork of clumsy building work.

Layered Histories Image

Derelict Spaces

110 x 150 cms Mixed Media Assemblage 

This piece resonates with the urban dereliction in my documentary photographs; giving the essence of the ruined building but not associated to any particular place.

Derelict Spaces Image


100 x 140 cms Fabric assemblage

This piece refers to the boarded up spaces and combines found materials, with compost harvested and eco printed fabrics. 

Barrier Image


Video projection on cloth installation.

A fleeting glance that caught the history of the space; through a hole in the wall, in Venice, I could see a doorway and remembered standing on the other side. 

Spyhole Image

Equal Measure

 Fabric assemblage 65 x 160 cms  

Through the partial apertures and ghost stitched lines left behind, this piece evokes an industrial ruin and a sense of memory and history to the everyday objects of our past.


Equal Measure Image

History of a Cloth

A performative video which traces the method involved in “compost harvesting” This process takes place in my compost bin where the worms and moist soil affect the fabric.

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