According to Gaston Bachelard’s ‘The Poetics of Space’ one of the primarily instincts for human beings is a need for shelter.! My artwork is about identity, passing time, memories and childhood. It is very personal, but not obvious as I do not like to expose my life to the public. I am using objects to talk about my life and emotions, without showing too much. I often collaborate with my child and through this process, I am doing the sort of retrospection of my past and my childhood. This kind of observation and the way I am working are helping me to understand and express myself better. I like to observe my son and analyse how he is responding to art and things which are important to me. How can he collaborate or interact with my creations. Cooperation with him as well as his curiosity, imagination and brilliant, often mysterious and humours ideas help me to let go and become a child again, which brings more freedom into my art work. All that we do together, evolves into better quality relations between us

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Hats installation 1

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Hats installation 2

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Beata Wrobel

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