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Our World

We are living in a world that changes so quickly. From climate issues, to clueless leaders and global pandemics we spend so much time trying to stay on top of it all, we tend forget about the smallest members of our society.

‘Our World’ is an Interactive learning app in collaboration with Ladybird books, focused on making the big topics easy to understand.

D&AD New Blood - Lost In The Supermarket

‘Lost In The Supermarket’ is a typographic campaign highlighting the effects of consumerism and how we should think twice before buying unnecessary items, in a world where we already have too much.

D&AD New Blood - Lost In The Supermarket Image

Royal Mail - 20 Years of Tate Modern

Since opening in 2000, Tate Modern has been home to some of the most iconic artworks of the past two decades.

In celebration of their 20th Anniversary, Royal Mail plans to showcase some of the most memorable pieces from this period.
The Tate has always challenged visitors to look closer and never take anything at face value.The stamps reflect this in a similar way.

D&AD New Blood - M-WAY

M-WAY is a new bike scheme for Manchester focused on giving pride back to the city.
Taking inspiration from Tony Walsh’s “This Is The Place” poem, the brand talks with an authentic Manc attitude that encourages users to either discover the city’s historic ‘routes’ or make their own paths in true Mancunion spirit.

D&AD New Blood - M-WAY Image

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