Graphic Design – UCLan Advertisement (Portfolio Work)

As part of my Masters of Science degree in Marketing Management, I was challenged with creating an advert for the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan).

The poster’s theme was to embrace the contrast between the heritage and modernism of the University and its positive effect on the learning experience – shown through a strip of buildings that showcases the contrast between new and old, using UCLan’s estate. The aim of this was to create the idea that UCLan is a university with a rich history of academic success, yet is also forward thinking and it is investing in the future. In addition, using the theory of mediation of reality, the text under the title adds to the idea that success is easily gained, using the experience of the subject as an example. This type of message was selected, as research suggests that a previous customer’s review of a product is an extremely powerful persuasive technique. The message also gives the advert a sense of realism, as a real-life student is being included within the marketing, adding a sense of friendliness.

In terms of image modification, the face of the subject was widened as according to research by Pompper (2014, pp. 537-38) and Superdrug’s ‘Perceptions of Perfection’ campaign (2019), a wider face are two of the determined most attractive male facial features within the European market – a target market for this advert. In addition, the quality of attractiveness is a major element to the effectiveness of an advert, so modifying the face to meet these perceptions was advantageous.

In terms of the background colour used, research by Panigyrakis (2015, pp.347-348) suggests that the colour blue carries connotations of reliability, security and productivity – an excellent colour to help develop a sense of trust between the university and the consumer.

UCLan Advert (Portfolio Work)

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