Garden City :Colive-Cowork-Coplay

The central courtyard can be partially used by the neighbouring residents where they can seat and enjoy the sunny weather at the designated area, and they can also observe the activities taking place in the planting area that residents grow their vegetable at.

The central courtyard gives a sense of acting as a uniting device,reinforcing my aim to build a space that gives a sense of belonging to the existing context. To reinforce that idea of a unified space, an architectural element was added to the ground floor, acting as structural unit and as a device that gives a sense of connection between one space to another, that element is the arches, where they act like a bridge connecting one side(cohousing unit) to another. Arches give the sense of a united space a continuation like when moving from one space to another.

Instead of creating a different circulation route for each building, all buildings are connected with each other through a long deck access that acts not only as a circulation path but as a social gathering point too, therefore maximising interaction rate among the residents The use of red brick as external cladding gives the proposed cohousing unit a sense of belonging to the site, it makes the project blend into its surrounding context.

When looking at red brick it brings the sense of excitement, it motivates people to act and become more socially active. Red brick triggers our senses to feel warmer and dynamic it also evokes a sense of comfort, making red brick an ideal material for a cohousing unit, more like a rehabilitating device and not only as a physical object.

Northern view

Northern view Image

Northeast and southeast elevation

Northeast and southeast elevation Image

Exploded axonometric drawing

Exploded axonometric drawing Image

Section cut AA'

Section cut AA' Image

Central courtyard

Central courtyard Image


Cowork Image


Cowork-Coplay Image


Colive-Cowork-Coplay Image


Courtyard Image

A view of the cohousing unit as seen from De Hef

A view of the cohousing unit as seen from De Hef Image

Summer season

Summer season Image

Western view

Western view Image



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