Games Design Honours : Claret – Victorian Gothic Character Exploration

Crypt was a card game solution to the rather extensive rules and mathematics attached to other existing Role-Playing Games such as Dungeons and Dragons. Within this game players would take control of one of the fantasy classes, with a single player acting as the antagonist or Dungeon Master. The Players must use their spells, abilities and items to defeat the creatures of the DM

Barbarian Character Sheet

Barbarian Character Sheet Image

Bile Filled Zombie Card

Bile Filled Zombie Card Image

Bile Filled Zombie

Bile Filled Zombie Image

Den Mother Card

Den Mother Card Image

Den Mother

Den Mother Image

Dire Wolf Pack Member Card

Dire Wolf Pack Member Card Image


Direwolves Image

Druid Character Sheet

Druid Character Sheet Image

Flame Imp Brute Card

Flame Imp Brute Card Image

Flame Imp Brute

Flame Imp Brute Image

Flame Imp Card

Flame Imp Card Image

Flame Imp Warsong

Flame Imp Warsong Image

Flame Imp Warsong 2

Flame Imp Warsong 2 Image

Flame Imp

Flame Imp Image

Forest Bear Yearling

Forest Bear Yearling Image

Forest Bear Yearlings

Forest Bear Yearlings Image

Game's Practice_Research Report

This document shall contain the various amounts of research I’ve focused on; primarily revolving around the concept and analysis of role-playing (RPG) games – the appeal and effects of this genre of entertainment as well as how I could incorporate this into my own work with the goal of simplification for a first time audience. Including an Illustrated report & bibliography

Games Practice Final Art Pdf

This Document shall act as a visual representation of this projects journey to completion, with everything from initial sketches through to designing card layouts and finally concluding with examples of the printable card sheets within my project. The slides contain headings as well as dividing title slides –descriptions and process are located in my development document.

Gelatinous Cube

Gelatinous Cube Image

Gelatinous Cube 2

Gelatinous Cube 2 Image

Ghost Card

Ghost Card Image

Giant Ant Queen

Giant Ant Queen Image

Giant Ant Queen 2

Giant Ant Queen 2 Image

Giant Ant Spitter

Giant Ant Spitter Image

Giant Ant Spitter 2

Giant Ant Spitter 2 Image

Giant Ant Worker

Giant Ant Worker Image

Giant Spider

Giant Spider Image

Giant Trap Door Spider

Giant Trap Door Spider Image

Goblin Raider card

Goblin Raider card Image

Goblin Scrapper

Goblin Scrapper Image

Goblin Scrapper 2

Goblin Scrapper 2 Image

Goblin Screecher

Goblin Screecher Image

Goblin Screecher 2

Goblin Screecher 2 Image

Goblin Shanker

Goblin Shanker Image

Goblin Shanker 2

Goblin Shanker 2 Image

Mage_ Pyroblast

Mage_ Pyroblast Image

Mage_ Shatter

Mage_ Shatter Image

Mage_Arcane Explosion

Mage_Arcane Explosion Image

Mage_Arcane Explosion 2

Mage_Arcane Explosion 2 Image

Mage_Arcane Intellect

Mage_Arcane Intellect Image

Mage_Arcane Intellegence

Mage_Arcane Intellegence Image

Mage_Arcane Intellect

Mage_Arcane Intellect Image


Mage_Blizzard Image

Mage_Blizzard 2

Mage_Blizzard 2 Image

Mage_Magic Missiles

Mage_Magic Missiles Image


Mage_Pyroblast Image


Mage_Shatter Image

Main Orc Archer

Main Orc Archer Image

Monk Character Sheet

Monk Character Sheet Image

Orc Archer Card

Orc Archer Card Image

Orc Barbarian Card

Orc Barbarian Card Image

Orc berserker

Orc berserker Image

Orc Death Shaman

Orc Death Shaman Image

Orc Death Shaman 2

Orc Death Shaman 2 Image

Orc Warrior Card

Orc Warrior Card Image

Orc warrior

Orc warrior Image

Queen Ant Royal Guard

Queen Ant Royal Guard Image

Slime Card Card

Slime Card Card Image

Slime background

Slime background Image

Wizard Character Sheet

Wizard Character Sheet Image

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