Frances Murphy

This portfolio displays work from my two previous briefs – A personal project in which I explored Skateboard art, and an industry brief given by Rare gaming in which I created a multiplayer game that was inspired by conspiracy theories.

Skateboard Deck

Inspired by the current corona virus situation, this is my first example of my collection of skateboard merch. Displayed is a skateboard deck, followed by a poster and some patches.

Skateboard Deck Image

Second Skateboard Deck

For my second example, I was inspired by the 1950’s atomic age, for the alien monster I used reference from sea fossils found on display in the Manchester Museum.

Second Skateboard Deck Image

Third Skateboard Deck

For my third example, I referenced skulls found on display at the Manchester Museum.

Third Skateboard Deck Image

Linear Poster

Poster work of a line drawing I did of two creatures I combined, using photos I took from The Manchester Museum. 

Linear Poster Image

Linear Poster

Here I referenced an image I created using the photos I took at the museum of animal skeletons. I used this to create a new image of a butterfly.

Linear Poster Image

Linear Patches

I created more patches, this time using the linear art work, I experimented changing the colour of the lines.

Linear Patches Image

Amphibian Cultist

The villain for my Rare gaming brief, an evil frog cultist sent to earth to slowly brainwash our population. 

Amphibian Cultist Image

The Heroes

The four protagonists for my Rare gaming brief. Each has their own ranking and abilities that allow the four players to advance in the story line and to defeat the evil frog overlords.

The Heroes Image

Mysterious Cat

An NPC I created for the gaming brief. This mysterious cat acts as a companion to our players, often leading them to random encounters or areas rich in loot. The vibrancy in colour here is to give an example of how the colour palette of  the game becomes progressively more colourful as the story line becomes more bizarre.

Mysterious Cat Image

Insane Old Man

Yet Another NPC created for the gaming brief. This character often foreshadows future story lines for each character or gives worldly advice. My idea was to have the screen flicker between the two examples given when interacting with the character.

Insane Old Man Image

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  • Degree show 2020
    • BA (Hons) Illustration
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