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These are some images of my process when creating my final year film, such as original character designs and the puppets I made, as well as stills from the film itself. This project was done from Summer 2015 to May 2016 and I’m so proud of the final outcome as all the hard work was worth it. The film is called “The Awakening” is the story of an oblivious character who goes through a bunch of different things and has had something happen to him and ends with him accepting himself and is “awoken”.

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Original concept character art

These are the original sketches I did in the Summer of 2015 of 3 of my characters for film. I’m glad that I stayed quite true to these original designs and was able to translate them well to physical stop motion puppets.

Original concept character art Image

Final character designs

These are the final character designs of my 4 character for my film that I completed in December 2015, so that when I came back to University in January 2016, I could work on making these drawings into physical stop motion puppets. I’m really pleased with these drawings as all the characters look different but work well next to each other.

Final character designs Image

Character emotions

These are all 6 of Blake’s heads that I made and used in my final year film. Originally Blake had about 20 different emotions when I looked into my script/storyboard, but time and cost limited this so I was able to cut it down to 6 heads. These were versatile enough to express what I wanted this character to do at certain points in my film, so I’m glad I was able to do this.

Character emotions Image

Puppet 1

This is the final stop motion puppet of Blake, the main character, in one of his many outfits he wears in my film. I’m really happy with how well he turned out as he looks like the drawings I did but in a 3D form.

Puppet 1 Image

Puppet 2

This is the final stop motion puppet of Celeste, Blake’s friend. I changed a few things about this character when it came to making her in 3D, as I decided to make her hat a beret, which is different from the original design but is the same in the final design and I chose to have her wearing pants rather than long socks as that would have been difficult to achieve with the time I had but I’m still happy with this outcome.

Puppet 2 Image

Original zombie maquette

I made the head/torso of my zombie character over the summer of 2015, as practice for what I would do when making the final version. I’m really happy with the comparison of this maquette to the original drawing as they look the same but I knew where I needed to improve for the future.

Original zombie maquette Image

Puppet 3

This is the final stop motion puppet of Dylan, Blake’s other friend. As you can see, his skin colour is grey/blue, which makes him look more dead in comparison to the other characters and I like how he turned out as I made his facial expressions more exaggerated because he is dead and anything goes.

Puppet 3 Image

Puppet 4

This is the final stop motion puppet of the Club Girl. I really like how she turned out, especially her hair, which was fun to sculpt.

Puppet 4 Image

Stills from final film

These are some stills from my final film. I like these 3 as they show different locations in the world I created. The first image is of Blake’s university classroom, which is a busy location and his friends are there. The second is of Blake’s bedroom which is quite darkly lit as it is in the evening and has a lot of props. The third image is of the exterior of Blake’s student accommodation which has the sun shining on it. I enjoyed working in Photoshop and After Effects to draw and composite all the shots in my film as it made them all look so interesting and gave my film more depth and I feel like the green screen stop motion animation blended well with my backgrounds.

Stills from final film Image

Shot 47 breakdown gif

This is a gif showing all the different stages this shot in particular went through to get it to the final result. As you can see a lot goes into just one shot, as the background has to be removed, the characters get pupils added and I animated those in After Effects, then the background is added and then all the other effects which ends with an impressive looking shot.

Shot 47 breakdown gif Image


This is the movie poster I drew for my film and it combines a few different aspects of my film, such as all the characters, the opening shots background and text boxes which are a big part of communication in my film. I really like how my poster turned out as I wanted something different from the stop motion puppets, so I drew over them instead so you could tell it was them and I’m happy with the perspective and look of this whole thing.

Poster Image

The Awakening: Student Stop Motion Film

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