Final Campaign: The Fix

This is the promotional campaign for a hypothetical hairstyling academy called “The Fix”. The Fix will be targeted at Generation Z  providing education, styling and caring tips for all hair types that will build confidence and self-esteem. The fix is about inclusivity, communication and community and focusses particularly on diverse types of hair.  The sponsor of the academy will be Bed Head TIGI. ‘The Fix’ intends to inspire the customer leaving them feeling confident and beautiful knowing they have the gained advanced knowledge on their hair type whilst feeling empowered.

Social Area

The social area of the space will be a communal area, the team member of The Fix will be able to introduce themselves to the group or individual before proceeding the workshop. The environment of the area will be informal, creating a comfortable atmosphere as soon as the customer is greeted. There will be a product wall featured in this section. The Bed Head products will be presented on white plinths with a spotlight above, easily identifying the product of the week that will be lit up.

Social Area Image

Group Learning Area

For the customer to feel they have their own space when learning, each individual will have a large mirror, chair and shelf to place the essentials they need to learn. The client’s experience is will be something completely different from a standard hair salon. The main feature of the area is the hair wall. The client can practise using the different coloured wigs depending on their preference.

Group Learning Area Image

Pop Up Event

Before the launch of the campaign, a pop-up event will take place in the centre of Manchester Arndale Shopping centre. The pop-up will be a glass box with 3 sections. This including the main area with salon chairs and mirrors for a meet and greet of the team. There will be an Instagramable wall with a swing so the customer can take their own photos to post on social media as well as a hair wall section that will reflect the interior of the space. This way, the pop up will give the customer an insight into the identity of the brand.

Pop Up Event Image

Press Pack

Before the press day, a press pack will be sent out to the relevant press as well as micro and macro-influencers. Depending on the individual’s hair type, they receive one of the three canvas tote bags with an illustration on the front that best represents them. Inside the bag will be a press release with an official statement from The Fix. There will also be various sample Bed Head products for the individual to trial. A collection of branded hairbrushes for every hair type are given with velvet pink scrunchies. As an incentive, a loyalty card will be given to encourage the influencer to book a workshop.

Press Pack Image

The Website - Homepage

The website for the campaign will be easy to navigate from page to page. The top menu bar will be on each page including the brand logo, the clickable tabs as well as the search bar and basket. The main banner will be on a rotation of 3 with arrows located either side of the banner. The banners will advertise the latest updates about the workshops and exciting announcement about the campaign.

The Website - Homepage Image

The App

As my customer is very much hands-on with the world of technology, an app will also be set live after the campaign officially launches. The app will be a replicate of the website. When the customer first opens the app they will be able to log in or sign up depending if they have an account. The app will be available on both apple and android phones.

The App Image

Launch Mailer

From the customer signing up to The Fix weekly newsletter, the number database will increase as the campaign continues. On behalf of Bed Head TIGI, they will send out an email announcing their recent collaboration with The Fix. This way, the campaign will reach a wider audience. An email from The Fix to existing customers will announce the launch with information about the brand’s ethos and what it has to offer. Sticking to a layout that is similar to the website, a rotating banner will be included as well as download the app buttons.

Launch Mailer Image

Influencer Mailer

Once the brand has hit a certain number on their database, an email will be sent out announcing the latest news about the new brand ambassador, Maya Jama. The competition will allow the opportunity for an individual to win the chance to meet Maya Jama at the academy and take part in a teaser workshop. The email will be a brief announcement at the instructions on how to win will be followed through on social media.

Influencer Mailer Image

Social Media

The Fix social media will be the main platform the customer will engage with. The brand will post every other day on Instagram, going live when there is an event, using content they have created Influencers will also create paid posts for the platform. A typography post will be posted as a teaser to keep the customer intrigued. A launch post will also be posted on the day to grab the customer’s attention.


A competition post will be posted on Instagram with instruction on how to enter. Within the post, there will be a hidden code the customer must find and comment below the post with the code they find. They must be following the account, and repost the post on their own story to reach out to a wider audience.

Social Media Image

Interactive Ad Shell

When the campaign officially launches, billboards across the Manchester centre will be set to go up to promote the brand. LED screen billboards will go live in Manchester Arndale. This billboard will be interactive where the individual can wipe away the image using a wave hand motion to reveal another billboard.

Interactive Ad Shell Image

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