Film & Game Animation

Presented here is a collection of my work from my time at UCLAN studying animation which includes animation focused in film but also animation created for games.

ShowReel 2020

This is my showreel after finishing univerity at UCLAN the showreel shows off work I have done during my time both as part of project and personal work.

AX3002- Game Narrative Animations + Gameplay

This was my final year project which I decided to move away from doing animation for films and instead look into how animations are done for games.

This project required me to make a set of animations for  2 characters and then program them into Unreal. This video will show the individual aniamtions as they are in maya and then demostrate these animations in a game engine. 

Art of Book Link –


Game Narrative Screenshots

Screenshots taken from my game narrative project showing my characters in Unreal.

Game Narrative Screenshots Image

TV Show "One in the Same"

Here we were asked to create a TV series with a complete plot.

My TV show was a post apocalyptic supernatural horror show which followed a man named “Chris” who has no memory of the events before the apocalype and is haunted by the same dream involving a girl. One day Chris takes on a job which will allow him to find the answers to his past, dream and the cause of the apocalypse and his connection to it.

While this project was mainly focused on the book and the planning that goes into a TV show we also created an opening for the show.

One in the Same Book-

2 minute Film "Hunt" by Peter Ross

This is a 2 minute film I created called “Hunt.” The story follows a young boy who sets out to find food to save his tribe from starvation.

"The Scarecrow" by Roger Mcgough

A short animation adapting the poem by Roger Mcgough called “The Scarecrow.”

This was my first time looking into CGI and for this project I decided to try and merge both 2D and 3D together.


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