Femmes De La Floriographie.

Femmes De La Floriographie.

With aspirations to raise awareness and help those in need of some self-care; I like to incorporate positivity, honesty, and real life into my artwork. My digital print designs each have meaning and symbolise how women should embrace themselves. For this project I have researched into the language of flowers and how I can use florals in my work to represent women in a positive light. Combined with fine lined flower motifs and digital Illustrations of my own photographed models I have curated designs with nothing but realness. No matter what size, shape, race, height etc I wanted to create a range of prints for nightwear that all women could wear and relate to. In the hope that women can take away what they need whether that be some courage, confidence, energy or protection; My prints can give you that through my knowledge on the language of flowers and authenticity of women.

Ellie Tyers (2020 Graduate)

Fabric Samples.

Fabric Samples. Image


Kimono. Image

Brand Label.

Brand Label. Image

Slip Dress.

Slip Dress. Image

Digital Print.

Digital Print. Image

Digital Print.

Digital Print. Image

Powerful Motif.

Powerful Motif. Image

Sunflower Digital Illustartion.

Sunflower Digital Illustartion. Image

Confident Motif.

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Ellie May Tyers

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