Fan Culture and Passions

My series titled Fan Culture and Passions is specifically exploring the culture and passion of football fans. The images are a visual representation, exploring the position in normal times and also during this current ‘lock down’ period, where football has been suspended as a result of the Covid-19 virus.

I want my pre-lockdown work on the fans and post lockdown imagery to show the difference between the previous and current situations, highlighting how fan culture has changed since the postponement of sport. As I could not incorporate the fans visually, to evidence the notion of culture in my more recent work during the suspension of all sports, I have placed quotes from several interviews under the images. This not only adds context to the images but also adds a personal touch of fan culture and passion. When the images are placed in a series, the current situation becomes more apparent to the viewer.

The viewer can visually interpret the stoppage of football, and there is a relevant but distinct contrast between the two works. The viewer can see the happier times within fan culture and see the passion that was presented in my earlier pre-lockdown work. However, this passion and sense of culture is still present within my post lockdown work but represented in the form of text. The use of architecture and dead space is utilised to present the viewer with a sense of emptiness and visually explore this lockdown position within football. The presentation and delivery of the work is key. When both the pre-lockdown and post lockdown images are placed side by side, the work becomes more coherent and the viewer can understand this ‘relevant but distinct contrast between the two’.

From my work, I have concluded that the culture and passion of football fans will never die, even when presented with huge obstacles and this passion will always shine through and will be vocal once again.

Fan Culture and Passion

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