Lukasz Kyc – Games Artist

Industry Interests:  Environment Art | Level Design | Technical Art

Excavation Site 2. 

My 3D Excavation environment is based in an abandoned Red Ore Mine which aims to evoke a visually powerful narrative.  The work process involved designing and building large modular meshes, tile-able textures, layers of materials, then finally adding the volumetric fog elements and atmospheric lighting.  I paid close attention to prop and decal placement to ensure the different areas of the scene blended together seamlessly.  The alien-like egg feature, glowing and pulsing with veins spreading through the mine floors is intended to add another intriguing story element to the mine.
SOFTWARE: Autodesk Maya | Substance Painter | Epic UE4 Game Engine

Excavation Site 2 Scene Video


Plane Image

Plane 2

Plane 2 Image

Hanger 1

Hanger 1 Image

Hanger 2

Hanger 2 Image

Hanger 3

Hanger 3 Image

Mine 1

Mine 1 Image

Mine 2

Mine 2 Image

Mine 3

Mine 3 Image

Level Design - Killing Time


Killing Time is inspired by QuakeDoom and Get To The Orange Door.  The key process in this project is level design, environment design, and communicating gameplay clearly to the player, creating challenging AI and learning things outside my comfort zone.  Software Used:  UE4, Maya, Substance Painter, Photoshop  

You can see a selection of images from the game and a video of the game play below.

Killing Time Lucasz Kyk

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  • Degree show 2020
    • BA (Hons) Games Design