I’m Mahmoud Elshimy, a truly passionate interior designer. I’m designing a healthy, stress-free working environment that stimulates productivity and creative thoughts, not only for people suffering from Tinnitus but for everyone else in the community. This project also helps in raising the awareness of the public about the Tinnitus disorder, and the effect of the man-made environment upon the end-users of the space. This Portfolio is a visual journey of my Master’s degree throughout the year of my study.

Tinnitus vs. Nature

The left picture is showing how tinnitus can be preventing tinnitus sufferers from enjoying simple things in their daily life. The right picture shows how things can change by minimizing stress stimulators or anxiety causes in life.

Tinnitus vs. Nature Image

Proposed Plan

I was invited to visit the British Tinnitus Association’s new office and give them some tips on how to reduce anxiety & stress in workplaces, through the application of different elements of interior design. This was a great opportunity to be able to design or give feedback on an existing project.

Proposed Plan Image

Tinnitus vs. Biophilic Design

At this point in the project, it was realized that tinnitus has a strong and direct relation with biophilic design and it was the ideal way of minimizing tinnitus in interior Design. The main question was ‘‘How does biophilic design help people suffering from tinnitus in workspaces?

Tinnitus vs. Biophilic Design Image

Mindset Change

It was figured out that it is a very broad topic to be applied in some small offices, because of the logistics and feasibility with limited space. Moving on with the research, I came across one of the case studies of a digital art museum done by Teamlab, and here was the mindset change from the application of Biophilic Design to Nature Simulation.

Mindset Change Image

Exploded Axonometric

This illustration shows the proposed plan of the British Tinnitus Association new workspace and how are the spaces being optimized to serve the concept of the Escape Room coloured in maroon red colour. Coloured in blue is the control room which has all the equipment used to give the user a high-end experience.

Exploded Axonometric Image


Escape Room is a project that immerses the five senses of the user, to make them feel less stressed and nestled by nature, through scent scape, soundscape and interactive projections, to meet the user’s satisfaction and well-being and help lessen the symptoms of tinnitus. 

Experience Image

Equipment Specifications

Different equipment is implemented in this experience that stimulates all five senses, such as aroma and wind generators, and a high-quality stereo system.


Equipment Specifications Image

Beach Scene Render

This is a render showing how will the final experience be, and how projectors are being fixed.

Beach Scene Render Image

Mashup of Scenes

This is a full illustration of the experience and how the user will be able to go through the different scenarios and scenes available based on their taste.

Mashup of Scenes Image

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Mahmoud Elshimy

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