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Plau Distillery

During extensive renovations at the Plau, Preston, builders rediscovered the remains of the original 17th century Distillery & Dram Shop in the vaulted cellar. This discovery lead to the proprietors decision to bring the historic Distillery back to life and celebrate the ‘Gin Craze’ that William of Orange brought to England.


D&AD New Blood - Strength In Numbers: Nike

Brief: Make NikePlus Membership the #1 community for 14-19 year old girls in 2020.

London’s streets can be intimidating for young women. Nike want to remove this barrier, introducing ‘Strength In Numbers’ campaign. Nike Run Club will host a number of running events simultaneously around London for girls under the age of 19. Checkpoints will form a 5k circuit in their neighbourhood, bringing the event to them. Nike professional trainers will lead the run, ensuring safety for all.


D&AD New Blood - Golden Hour: Martini

Brief: Encourage people to choose time for friends during Martini Time.

The sun is the traditional way of telling the time. As the sun sets below the horizon during Aperitivo, the main drinking occasion for Martini, the sky is filled with colour. Collectively, Martini products create a sunset. Telling time via the sun to indicate ‘Martini Time’. Keeping tradition and friendships alive with Martini.


D&AD New Blood - Golden Hour: Martini Image

D&AD New Blood - Being Human: Durex

Brief: Fight for diverse representation and empowerment in sex for disabled people.

There’s a misconception that disabled people don’t have or want sex. Yet sex is an integral part of being human, it’s no more, or less human than having a laugh with your friends. Durex will stand against preconceptions by showing how human disabled people are. Because disabilities don’t stop humans.

In collaboration with Bella Loughlin


UK Parliament

A third of the UK who are eligible to vote, do not vote. Parliament and politics is complicated. Breaking down the structure and re-assembling to its simplest form. Re-branding the way parliament educate the UK public, making it simpler and more accessible to all. Encouraging the unheard third to have their say.


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