My work is dedicated to researching and putting into practise simple and effective ways of creating interesting atmospheric environments. I ultimately decided to focus my attention on two tools; one I felt had a significant impact on the feel of an environment, and another I had found to both have impact but often went under utilised. These tools being the colour of the lighting, and the second being the scale of the player/viewer’s surroundings respectively.

I aimed to produce two separate environments as an outcome for this project, one demonstrating use of lighting colour impacting the atmosphere of an area, and another having the surroundings or central element scaled up significantly to dwarf the player. Pictures of these projects can be found within this portfolio.

Lighting Colour Image 1

First of the two environments made in this project. A forest with heavily emphasised orange and blues creating a sense of wonder to those within it.

Lighting Colour Image 1 Image

Lighting Colour Render 2

Further down the path: a bridge over a stream. The stream was modelled with a simple wave height map. 

Lighting Colour Render 2 Image

Lighting Colour Render 3

Lighting Colour Render 3 Image

Tree Composition Elements

This is one of the first projects I have worked with textures properly. This asset and the others in this portfolio were created with a combination of Maya, to model and layout UV Nets, and Substance Painter, to draw details and extract UV Maps like height etc.

Tree Composition Elements Image

Totem Compisition

Totem Compisition Image

Scale Render 1

Scale Render 1 Image

Scale Render 2

Scale Render 2 Image

Scale Render 3

Scale Render 3 Image

Plank Composition Elements

These planks were modelled with varying levels of damage and different textures on both sides of said model. Having this variation allowed me to frequently reuse these 6 planks without any obvious repetition.

Plank Composition Elements Image

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