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During my three years of study at UCLan, I have developed skills and confidence in various areas, which extend past product design. Through working on various projects, I have gained knowledge in a wide range of areas and learned to appreciate the design process not just the end product. Within this portfolio I have summarised my third-year projects and other projects I have enjoyed during my studies.

Futures Project Presentation Banner

With the Futures project, we had to come up with a concept for a product which would exist in a distant future world. For my project I designed a water bottle which would be able to produce its own water using atmospheric water generation technology. The year I chose to design my product for was 2055 as theoretically the technology needed for this product would exist then. In the future there would be a need for a product which would solve the worlds water scarcity as water shortages are only going to get worse if we carry living the way we do now. Here is a Presentation Banner which is a summary of the product and includes an instructional diagram of how it works. 


Honours Project Presentation Banner

The Honours project focuses more on designing a product which could go into production now. With this, research is needed into current manufacturing processes and materials. I chose to focus my research around the military space and then focus more on survival. The survival kit market is very interesting as it lacks innovation but still has quality products ranging in price. The survival kit which I designed aims to simplify a survival kit so that anyone could use it. This was achieved by designing a product which was intuitive to use, allowing the product to be used by a range of people with varying survival experience.


Dodge Demon CAD Model


To advance my CAD skills and to prepare myself for my honours and futures projects, I chose to reproduce a Hot Wheels car in Solidworks. This model required the use of various surfacing features within Solidworks. The model was created to scale of the original car and then scaled down to the size of a Hot Wheels car and then 3D printed. The renders shown were rendered in Keyshot. 

Dodge Demon CAD Model Image

Footwear Project Illustrator Drawing

During second year our second semester project was a live project lead by 2 Squared design agency. After a few concept generation activities and design critiques by footwear designer Matt Houghton from 2 squared, a final design was chosen. In order to convey the final design an illustrator CAD drawing was needed. This is in place of a 3D CAD model which would usually be created for a final design. In the footwear industry Illustrator CAD drawings are the industry standard. 

Footwear Project Illustrator Drawing Image

Photoshop Render of Final Shoe Design

Following on from the Illustrator drawings, a photoshop render was created in order to better convey the final design. This allowed me to further develop my photoshop skills and showed what the shoe would look like if it was manufactured. To add an element of realism to the design, I marketed my shoe design with logos from a footwear brand which makes similarly styled shoes. This image of the shoe would be used for advertising purposes. 

Photoshop Render of Final Shoe Design Image

Final Design Available to Buy on ASOS

Once the final designs were submitted, they were reviewed by 2 squared and a design from each group was chosen to be prototyped. For the project there were three different briefs, each group had one of the three design briefs. Out of my group my design was selected by 2 Squared to be prototyped. Three designs in total were prototyped and then pitched to various brands and companies. My design was chosen by ASOS to be sold on their website under the brand ‘Creative Recreation’. Being able to see a design go from initial sketch to a product on the market was a surreal experience as a second-year student. 

Final Design Available to Buy on ASOS Image

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