Degree Show 2020

This Portfolio Shows my final year journey. Content includes work from my Final Design Project , Dissertation , Tectonic Design and Architectural Managment Modules.

Ground Floor Walkthrough

Shown here is a Walkthrough of the Ground floor of my final design project , Link is also here if it wont load :

First Floor Walkthrough

Shown here is a walkthrough of the first floor of my final year design project :

Site and Floor Plans

Shown here are the Site plans and Floor plans for my final year project

Site and Floor Plans

Sections and Services

Shown here are the Section plans and the Services outline for my final Project

Sections and Services Plan

Technical Details

Shown are the technical detail drawings for my final year project

Technical Details


Shown is my final year dissertation which researchede Life Cycle Assesment schemes and if they are still fit for purpose


Tectonic Design Portfolio 1

Shown is my Tectonic Design Portfolio for assignment 1 and covers many of the key principles for design and development

Tectonic Design Portfolio

Conservation Essay

Shown here is an essay submitted for conservation showing 4 different design styles through history and their different noteable features

Conservation Essay

Portfolio Details


Luke Woodison

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