David Holst

I am always intrigued by other cultures and the ways they bring their experiences and their lifestyles into the works that they produce. I’d like to draw inspiration from works outside of my own sphere and incorporate that into my work, whether it be modern or traditional to make something unique.

The Brand

&SAKE, a sushi bar that reflects the design language and style of food from traditional urban food stands, in combination with modern Japanese graphic design principles to bring an authentic experience to the Northern Quarter.

The Brand Image

Colour Scheme

The colours chosen represent three different elements. Red for the Japanese flag and the sun, the different blues are simplifications of the sea and the sky. Bringing them together takes the traditional representation and brings them into minimalist modern colour scheme.

Colour Scheme Image

Sushi Bar Posters

The posters were designed to reflect the traditional heritage of making sushi whilst still appealing to modernist designs. Blending the hand illustrated artwork and minimalist typography creates contemporary look that is in line with a lot of Japanese advertising.

Sushi Bar Posters Image

Sushi Bar Posters

Sushi Bar Posters Image

Eating Experience

With every meal the customers are given cutlery and sauces. In line with being an authentic experience they are given chopsticks, branded and packaged in the same fashion as the restaurant itself, free to take home should they wish. 

Eating Experience Image

Eating Experience

Eating Experience Image

Sake Drink

The brand &SAKE extends to the products available in-house such as a bottle of Sake. Able to be purchased to go or alongside the meal and shared to get a true Japanese culinary experience.

Sake Drink Image

Sake Poster

Sake Poster Image

The Menu

The menu is simplified or ‘refined’ down to the chef’s specialties and rotates dishes out each month. There is more colour to the menu than the rest of the designs as the vibrant look is used to make ordering the food feel more exciting. The colours are also used to make understanding what the food will look like easier.

The Menu Image

The Bar

The overall design of the bar will be lively and colourful with a mix of rustic, simple furniture. A very traditional appearance from the exterior was chosen as to stand out amongst the modernist buildings, and to further the authenticity. 

The Bar Image

Portfolio Details

Portfolio Categories

  • Degree show 2020
    • BA (Hons) Graphic Design
  • Design
    • Branding
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