David Holst

The Gincense Collection

Gincense, the scent of summer. A creative infusion of the flavours from popular Gin to the sweetest aromas, creating this is warm and classy decoration.

The Gincense Collection Image

The Collection

Each of the candle packaging in this collection would be created using 140 gsm card stock, all in similar minimalistic illustrated styles. The difference being the patterned design on each as it varies from scent to scent. The collection gives off a summer vibe with its bright colours, fruity and floral mix and of course, the love of Gin whether outdoors drinking or indoors enjoying the thought of it.

The Collection Image

Violet & Blackberry

Violet & Blackberry Image

Cherry & Lychee

Cherry & Lychee Image

Ginger & Cardamom

Ginger & Cardamom Image

Orange & Sakura

Orange & Sakura Image

National Trust Experience

The National Trust has been around since 1895 and has grown to be the biggest nature conservation company in the UK. Within that time, it has developed from protecting and taking care of these areas to curating experiences around them. They have a large amount of properties, coastlines, historical places of interest and over the years have opened them up to members. However, even though the organisations mindset has changed, more areas come under their protection and more activities are made available, the brand has remained the same. This is where I give my take on the brand.

National Trust Experience Image

The Experience

The brand has a lot of history associated with it and I didn’t want to lose the legacy of the organisation when rebranding it, so I decided to keep it but make it feel like it has all these different aspects to it, to make it feel more than just nature protection. My idea was simple, colour co-ordinate the various aspects under its umbrella. It still remains the same for those older members but now actually has a link to the obscure parts of the Nation Trust, making it easier to understand how much the organisation covers for younger generations like myself. 

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The Advertising

Another aspect to the wealth of various activities available would be advertising, how do you get a consistent theme across so many things. I decided to go with the theme of ‘cutting through the work’. The types of activities on offer are the perfect break, and it’s something that benefit someone stuck indoors a lot like a student studying hard or someone working long days. This theme is represented by cutting through the posters with some light hearted copy to show its got some fun parts to a serious organisation.

The Advertising Image

The Advertising

The Advertising Image

The Membership

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