Daniel Ryan – Games Design portfolio

Environment Art. Lab 04

Daniel is interested in world building within games and understanding how 3D art influences this.  Environments and assets tell a story outside of gameplay, helping to build up and add depth to the worlds and settings in which games take place.  Daniel is hoping to work as an environment or asset artist within the industry.

This 3D project was inspired by classic sci fi movies such as Alien as well as games such as PREY.  The environment was built and lit within UE4 using assets created and textured with Maya | Zbrush | Substance Painter | Photoshop. 

Lab 04 - Environment Art Showreel

Set within a mysterious secret Facility, Lab 04 houses the most dangerous creatures ever encountered by mankind. Found in the wreckage of a crashed spacecraft in New Mexico, the creatures have since been confined to Lab 04 for study and experimentation.

Lab 04 - Environment Overview

Overview of the environment and main focal point, the mysterious creatures within the tubes.

Lab 04 - Environment Overview Image

Lab 04 - Workstation

Terminals operated by those who work within the Facility.

Lab 04 - Workstation Image

Lab 04 - Examination Table

Examination table used by the Scientists of Lab 04 to experiment on the creatures.

Lab 04 - Examination Table Image

Exile Squadron - Game Showreel

This project was inspired by older space combat games such as ‘Starfox’ as well as more modern titles such as ‘Strike Suit Zero’. The game was built from the ground up in UE4 with all assets created and textured using Maya and Substance Painter.

Exile Squadron is a third person ship-based space combat game. Set in the year 2680 the game will see the player take control of a state-of-the-art star fighter, becoming the ace pilot of Exile Squadron, a band of mercenaries infamous throughout the galaxy. Use your weapons and abilities to destroy the powerful enemies you face up against in the expanse of space between jump gates of the light speed system that flows through the galaxy.

Exile Squadron - Environment

Giant chunks of wreckage float through the blackness of space, evidence of the giant battles that once took place here.

Exile Squadron - Environment Image

Exile Squadron - Game Screenshot

View from the player’s perspective, as they pilot the “Swordfish” a state of the art star fighter.

Exile Squadron - Game Screenshot Image

Exile Squadron - Shield Generator

View of one of the colossal shield generators that protect a systems jump gate.

Exile Squadron - Shield Generator Image

Asset Art Project - Daniel Ryan

For this project I aimed to create a series of assets based upon existing concept art. Each asset was modelled within Maya and textured using Substance Painter and Photoshop.

Asset Art project - Daniel Ryan

I also created a small scene to display the assets I designed for this project.

Daniel Ryan Prop Assets

Asset Art project - Daniel Ryan Image

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