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Shaniuqe Benze 

My virtual studio space is my laptop. I use 2D images taken in a 3D virtual world called Second Life, uploading them into photo editing programs which then starts a process of deconstructing my images. I have developed my digital art based on my avatar inworld which has given me the opportunity to create and exhibit my art to a virtual audience anonymously. 

My creative process and how I want my images to look reflects my social identity within the virtual world; considering physical, social, & mental elements of whichever race/ethnicity I choose to identify with and how it affects me being perceived in different groups in the inworld community. I express myself by deconstructing the identity of my avatar. 


Photoshop allows me to manipulate my images in ways that I could not do without the use of my laptop in real-time. I experiment with the different tools available adding layers, texture, levels, curves and changing colours etc. I then begin the process of deconstructing the image, transforming and modifying. My images do lose their vibrancy through the editing process which then transforms the image completely into a different version of the original. 

B23N3 Image


also try and avoid repeating the same style so I’m constantly experimenting and always trying to find new ways to deconstruct the images of my avatar. I don’t follow a process I just have to do whatever comes into my mind at that very time, I am not even thinking about the viewer at this point or how they would view it, it is just about how I envision it. 

B3N23 Image


B3N23 Image


It is my intention that the viewer can still manage to appreciate the images despite their lack of digital perfection. It is in the eye of the beholder how the viewer interprets my images. 

B3N23 Image

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Shanuiqe Benze

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