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First project of my final year at university was an in depth development of my interest in the discovery of traces and exploration of the history of place as sites for those traces. From searching for evidence of interesting histories, and exploring how history can be recorded and stored through archives, the end goal was to produce engaging installation art that involves the use and transformation of space for viewers to be immersed in.nnI established the idea to construct a full scale set for a two-part performance to take place in, showing the process of traces being made and then investigated and evidenced. The set was created to imitate a home office, featuring filing cabinets to emphasize the connection to archives, and making reference to Hal Foster’s quote in relation to archival materials being ‘found yet constructed, factual yet fictive, public yet private.’ This perspective really informed a lot of my thinking towards what I wanted to achieve and how I approached the piece; the aim of making a set that seemed like a found space with common items, even though it was entirely constructed, with the element of fictional histories. It is portrayed as a private space because of personal items and enclosed environment but becomes controversially public once investigated. Also, the relevance of the archives also provides questionable boundaries between public and private records and information.nThe aim of the performance piece was to capture and experiment traces being created to evidence presence. The main focus and prominent aspect of the piece was and remains the set itself, from how it was before it was used through to how it was unpicked and left by the investigators. It emphasizes the stages of common, everyday traces being made, found and inspected and this is done through exaggeration of black marking against neutral surfaces and the use of ‘crime scene investigators’.

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