Contemporary Afroturistic Habitat Collection by Orion Kouassi

The collection was inspired by the concept of Afro Futurism 2.0 from its Manifesto released in 2015.

Artistic subjects such as Land Art, Graphic Design, Photography and Interior Design served as a main source of inspiration in their contemporary form while also including elements belonging to traditional African Culture.

Contemporary Afrofuturistic Habitat Collection FW2020

Afrofuturism 2.0, Interior Design, Land Art, Architecture, Graphic Design and contemporary Photography are combined in order to create a unique concept. Afrofuturism per se is an Artistic Movement that have been coined in the 1950s and has been re-invented and further developed with the introduction of social media later in the 2010s as Afrofuturism 2.0.

Unlike the old version of it, the concept will be focused on Earth and its “spacey” or “extra-terrestrial” looking places, rather than the already outdated imaginary collective of Space which belonged to the previous version of Afrofuturism of the 1950s the 1990s.

The main artistic subjects listed above will serve as a main source of inspiration.

All will be transitioned into a “Contemporary Afro Futuristic Habitat”, hence why futuristic looking Interior Design and Land Art will be referenced multiple times.

Everything will finally be translated into Fashion.

The colour palette, will be based off Land Art Photography, Tropical Places from Diasporic Countries and Interior Decor. The fabrics will be selected in order to convey a more “organic looking” texture, typical of the Traditional Clothing that are often Hand Woven or hand dyed by the people or tribes from Diasporic Countries.

The Final Collection will be a mixture of Avant Garde, tech, sporty, utilitarian, and loungewear which will be mainly Womenswear season FW2020 and will reflect the “Contemporary Afro Futuristic Habitat” concept.

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