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Welcome to my Portfolio, Here you will find the two projects that I worked on during my 3rd year of games design.

For my Honours Project, I created an African Savannah scene with the animals having dynamic fur that is use-able within a game setting,

and for the Games Proposal Project, I made an arena Hack and Slash game with unique enemies and attacks.

Honours Project - African Savannah

For my Honours Project, I wanted to create a series of animals in a realistic setting. I chose to add the extra challenge of adding realistic fur as it’s something I’ve not seen many AAA companies try to do. I also had to study the anatomy closely.

Through-out the process of the project I went through many of the usual tactics of creating fur from using the normals of the mesh of the animal to using hair cards, I finally settled on using Xgen in Autodesk Maya and the Groom in UE4.

Many challenges came up within the project from getting the fur to project the textures needed to create the fur to having an unrealistic amount of hair splines that caused the scene to lose performance.

Lioness Attack

Lioness Attack Image

Hyena get the scraps

Hyena get the scraps Image

Games Proposal - Restoring the Heart of Doarin

For my Games Proposal, I chose to create an arena-based Hack and slash, as the player will take on the task of being the chosen one to vanquish the demons that have brought your world to a halt. As you travel from arena to arena the difficulty will increase and your strategy for taking on each boss will have to adapt.

Within this project, I try to showcase my skill in creating many different types of unusual creatures such as one with multiple sets of legs or tails.


Knight Image

Spider Queen

Spider Queen Image


Rat Image


Demon Image

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