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Fetch a new dog ‘centric’ social space on behalf of the brand Hunter. Fetch is set out to create something unique to meet dogs and their owner’s needs. The concept enables dog owners to enjoy a place for their hounds that has more to offer than just dog treats and water. A blend of play, socialising with other dogs and excellent food and drinks for the humans to enjoy in beautifully designed contemporary space. Dog owners want more for their pampered pets and Fetch caters for that. It is a positive environment, it aims to provide a happy, healthy space for dogs and their owners to connect. Aimed at giving millennial dog ‘mums and dads’ a dog ‘humanised’ experience they have always desired and at the same time caters to their dog spending habits. This is about freedom and fun.

Restaurant Area Mockup

A truly Instagramable space that is playful in a uniquely Hunter way.  It has an open plan layout, the design theme is all about reinventing the British countryside with an urban feel, taking inspiration from the flagship stores. Throughout the space is polished concrete flooring complemented by the accents of colour blended with natural materials, including striking gabion dry stone walls and silver birch trunks bringing the outdoors in. The space features a restaurant area and lounge seating including bean bags for the dogs. The modernist concrete dining tables feature clips to secure the lead as well as different heights of bowls, to suit all dogs. 

Restaurant Area Mockup Image

Play Area Mockup

The off-lead play uses curated industrial materials for dog agility and a foliage wall with the ‘play’ graphic taken from the Hunter play campaign. The full height black steel doors give a wonderful view of the outside area and can be opened up to merge the spaces. Dogs re-entering the space can clean off at the wash stations which will be situated near the doors.

Play Area Mockup Image

Podium Mockup

The space features various activities and photogenic areas. In the restaurant open plan area towards the back is a Hunter red corrugated metal wellington wall backdrop with a podium for dogs to have their photo taken making it an extremely memorable experience.

Podium Mockup Image

Press Pack

A press pack will be sent out to macro and micro-influencers including dog influencers inviting them to a press day at Fetch which will be held a few days before the official opening to create a buzz. Inside the box, they will receive an invitation featured on a Hunter umbrella, a lead and collar, a Fetch ball selfie attachment for their phone and bone which are both made from the Hunter rubber. There is also a rubber wristband ticket for the influencer to wear on the day to gain entry and a gift voucher for the influencer to spend in the shop to entice them to purchase Hunter products for themselves or their dog.

Press Pack Image

Press Pack Invitation

This is the invitation to the event at Fetch that the influencer will receive in the press pack. They are introduced to Fetch on the tag attached to the umbrella handle, then prompted to open the umbrella to reveal more details. The text on the Hunter red umbrella washes off when used in the rain, which encourages them to use it and then they can keep for future dog walks and adventures.

Press Pack Invitation Image

Outdoor Advertising

This outdoor advertisement is part of series of billboards featuring different sayings from each dog suited to their expression and character and speaks to them on an emotional and personal level, it will appeal to many but speak to one.  

Outdoor Advertising Image

Outdoor Advertising

More billboards will be situated across popular cities around the north-west like Manchester as this isn’t far travelling distance to the Lake District.  This advert features a dog blended into the mountains of the Lake District, it’s extremely eye-catching and unique so it will attract the consumer’s attention and get people talking about Fetch. It will be displayed before the opening of Fetch.

Outdoor Advertising Image

Guerrilla Marketing

To create more awareness after the opening, there will be a tennis ball vending machine installation which would be situated around popular parks around the north-west, as this location will attract dog owners. The vending machine features a competition in order for them to enter they must scan the QR code, which leads them to the signup page giving them a unique code to enter on the machine releasing a branded dog ball. After they retrieve the ball from the machine there will be instructions on how to enter the competition on the link from the QR code. They must post a picture on their social media using the hashtag #Hunterdogs and tagging @FetchbyHunter to be in with the chance of winning a £100 voucher to spend at Fetch.

Guerrilla Marketing Image

Social Media

A lot of the social media posts will be user-generated either tagging the person’s account or the dogs. This is effective as Consumers consider it to be more trustworthy than branded content, and it creates a better customer experience. Posts will include influencers unboxing their press packs to create a buzz prior to opening. 

Social Media Image

Social Media

Fetch will be shown heavily across social media platforms especially Instagram. This allows Millennials to interact with the brand, a lot of the content will be user-generated as this focuses more on the experience of using the service. It will create a sense of FOMO (the fear of missing out) and use promotional incentives. Often used hashtags will be #Hunterdogs, #Fetch, #TheLakeDistrict and #Dogsofinstagram which is an extremely popular hashtag with 191,846,897 posts.


The social media posts to launch the Instagram account will mainly be teasers which builds excitement and expectation prior to the launch. This way, when Fetch opens, customers are excited and ready to visit and share it.

Social Media Image

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