Chang Guo (Gina)

My degree show includes second and final year projects. I have learned many useful creative thinking methods. Thanks to my tutors and classmates for giving me lots of advice on my projects.

The Blue Badge Show

The sex lives of disabled people are underrepresented in our media Yet, by necessity they are often more creative and experimental in the bedroom with a better knowledge of positions, toys and other apparatus. This makes them the best group to advise on how everyone can improve up their sex life

“The Blue Badge Show” is a multi-platform sex advice brand led by disabled people. Through sharing knowledge and experience of sex it can help us all become better lovers and bridge the gap between non-disabled and disabled communities.

Fresh From the Fields

This double spread magazine shows that Booths take great pride in the quality of freshness in our vegetables. We believe that a bed of Local Lancashire earth and the nurturing hands of our farmers help to nourish our crops, meaning that we give you our best products. The shot was taken shot in university’s photography studios.

Fresh From the Fields Image

Quiet Morning

Jolie is the quietest coffee machine in the LAVAZZA range. The aim of this advertisement is to encourage young parents to buy LAVAZZA Jolie when they need a quiet atmosphere for their morning coffee.

Dog Trust

Even small amounts can help the Dogs Trust in their work to rehabilitate and rehome abandoned dogs.

Dog Trust Image

Can Save Lives

Just 330ml of blood is enough to save a life. To illustrate this we devised a brand partnership with Coca-Cola to raise awareness of blood donation through the use of their 330ml cans.

Late Night Art

Thoughts and stress can often keep us awake at night. The Student Art Pass gives you access to exclusive ‘Late Night Art’ evenings. There you can experience art in a relaxed setting which will help you calm your thoughts and help give you good nights’ sleep.


We wanted to promote HostelWorld to traveller’s more accustomed to staying in Hotels by showcasing the opportunity Hostels provide for shared experiences with friends. Travellers can complete the poll on Facebook then share it with other group. They will get the best hostel solution after every group member finishes the poll.

HostelVote Image

One House One Box

We want to show the audience that RecycleBox is useful for every member of the family. Whether you’re going to a party, your kid broke a toy, or you’re having dinner, FirstMile RecycleBox can help you reduce your waste.

One House One Box Image

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