The drawings that I create critique the way in which social media is used and how it perpetuates contemporary life. The drawings have been drawn digitally from my own personal photographs that I had taken on my iPhone of anything from a beautiful walk to a crochet project. The original intention of the photographs was to instantly post them to social media. I decided to rethink the way we post a photo, which is usually without much thought or intention, to gain likes and be spammed by others’ photographs. Instead of creating as how Henri Lefebvre describes photographs like this in Critique of Everyday Life as ‘instants’, devoid of human connection, I am creating ‘moments’ – described as something that is more memorable and has more time durability. By looking and taking the time to observe through drawing, we gain a new perspective and deeper understanding of a scene or object in comparison to a quick snap photo. This is why artists are usually encouraged to paint en-plain-air as you capture more of a feeling, the senses and the weather conditions unlike a photograph which feels flat. A moment, whilst it may not have a long duration like we’d hope, is still memorable and these drawings become more memorable and detailed than a short-duration photograph on a social media feed. Social media is a fast paced consumeristic place with so called influencers that advertise for you to buy something. These drawings feel like the antidote to it, with just simplistic line drawings in black and white which don’t advertise to purchase an object but instead show real life moments.


Short video showing the screen recording of my digitally drawn images on Instagram. 

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Laura Donnellan

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  • Degree show 2020
    • Master of Fine Art 2020-21