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During my time studying BA (Hons) Animation at  UCLAN, my ability in animation has evolved substantially. Over my time studying I have experimented with multiple styles of animation and I feel that my third year film and showreel exhibit this progression perfectly.

I hope you enjoy them.

INFECTED - Major Project

INFECTED follows a person with OCD & Emetophobia through 3 minutes of their life following a trigger. INFECTED shows the cycle of OCD taking place in real time: from trigger, to intrusive thought, through the compulsion and ritual that follows.

My aim in creating INFECTED was to capture the panic and intense emotions that accompany OCD. It was incredibly important to try and re-create the chaos that occurs inside the mind after being confronted with a trigger as accurately as possible. I personally feel that I have achieved this through my broad use of experimental styles to create a disorientating, overwhelming visual aspect to the film.

Brett Pilgrim - Showreel

Over my time studying I’ve gradually built my skill set in a wide variety of experimental styles, my showreel ranges from standard digital drawn animation to live action manipulation to hand drawn/ torn up damaged elements.

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Brett Pilgrim

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