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This Portfolio displays two of the projects I worked on in my 3rd year at university. The first project was to create concept designs for a city inside a mountain. The second project was to create a horror game.

Entrance of Mountain Concept

I wanted the entrance to look a little threatening by adding spikes to the walls and towers, this is to ward off any attacks. The cold environment contrasts with the warm tones inside the mountain the snow also makes it very difficult for any attackers not used to the slippery snow floor. The towers are used to navigate up to the next platform again this is another defence method that forces any attacking army to funnel through these small corridors inside the towers, making it easier for the defenders to pick off the attackers inside the towers.

Entrance of Mountain Concept Image

Tower walkway

This concept is a walkway on one of the 4 towers located at the mountain entrance.

Tower walkway Image

Throne Room

This concept shows the walkway leading up to the throne which has streams of lava flowing on both sides of it, it also provides light for the throne room. This is the first room that you would come across if you were to enter the mountain. The throne is centred at the middle of the room and would have walkways leading off to other parts of the mountain.

Throne Room Image


This is the concept of the main living area. I wanted it to have a condensed feeling where it was crammed with buildings because the size of the city has filled this part of the mountain, so everything is compact.

Residency Image

Residency Outskirts

I wanted this concept to show what the outskirts inside the mountain look like. This area of the mountain is lit by both the lava and sunlight due to their position towards the edge of the mountain, meaning it has the possibility to also work as a back exit to the mountain. The building designs surrounding the cover art are the designs that would be used in this part of the mountain.

Created in Photoshop and the 3D models were created in Maya

Residency Outskirts Image

Entrance to the mine

This concept shows the stairs that lead down to the mine. The large supporting structures prevents the place from caving in.

Entrance to the mine Image


These are the stone-braziers that used to light up parts of the city. I wanted the design of the braziers to fit well with the architecture inside the mountain, so they wouldn’t seem out of the place. They are made from green stone the same as some structures in the mountain, and have been hand carved to have its shape and detail.

Stone-brazier Image

Bedroom Game Proposal

This is the first level of my game. The player is briefed on what their objective here. They have to enter a hole in the wall which will take them to another world called ‘The Void’, where they will carry out various tasks.

Bedroom Game Proposal Image

Book Design

This book is given to the player which briefs them on ‘The Void’ and how to survive there. This is located in the room where the player first starts his quest.

Book Design Image

Book Design concept

Book Design concept Image

The Void Portal

This is what the start of the level would look like when the player enters the void. The scene is lit by the red sky and the portal. Paths lead off into the forest that the player will have to follow to progress through the level.

The Void Portal Image

The Void Forest

The Void has a dense forest that has deadly mist at its base. With the forest being so dense, light is blocked from entering.

The Void Forest Image

The First Void Concept

This is the concept that gave me the idea of creating the Void. Originally I wasn’t going to show any of the outside environment and just have the player start inside the tower, but after creating this I thought it’ll be better if the players starts inside the forest and has to find the tower instead.

The First Void Concept Image

The Corridor

This concept helped me get an idea of what the inside of the tower might look like. And how light would be used to light up the scene and direct the player.

The Corridor Image

The Monster

This is from the part of the level where the player has completed their objective and now has to escape the tower without getting caught by the monster chasing them out.

The Monster Image

The Void Bridge

The Void Bridge Image

The Void Houses

The Void Houses Image

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