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Chipperfield Circus - Self initiated project

Rebrand Chipperfield’s Circus and bring it to the 21st century and the forefront of british entertainment.

Chipperfield’s Circus will be annoucing their biggest UK tour to celebrate 300 years of entertaining the British public along side this we have designed a contemporary visual language which gives Chipperfield’s Circus a playful modren twist.

Chipperfield Circus - Self initiated project Image

Chant for change - D&AD project

Create a typography-first campaign with both physical and digital elements to inspire your audience to discover more about an issue and, where relevant, spark a call to action.

A fan made campiagn by the supporters of 45 clubs of the premier league and championship to raise awareness, show support to the players suffering racial abuse and taking action by singing anti-racism chant at half time.

Chant for change - D&AD project Image


Create a real world or digital brand experience that truly encapsulates the Giffgaff spirit of ‘mutual giving’

Sparetime is an initiative that allows customers to donate their unused minutes at the end of every month allowing Giffgaff to redistribute this spare time to people that it can really help.

Sparetime Image

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  • Degree show 2020
    • BA (Hons) Graphic Design