Beautiful scar – An artwork imitating a human scale sundial.

The beauty of a scar is incomparable! They all have a story to share just like this artwork. This scar narrates the story of plastic’s life after death. It is designed to serve as both narrative as well as interactive piece. The markers of this sundial consists of 2 sets of tiles, fixed and moveable and the shadow casted by the gnomon in the center indicates time. Where as the landscape element completes the design with the concept of “improving with age”.

Narration through details

The story of the art work has been narrated on the floor tiles using waste plastic as the inlay element. 



Narration through details Image

Its all about the bright Light at the right place!

Parks – Open space, uninterrupted sunlight and a diverse crowd with curiosity to learn and engage .

Its all about the bright Light at the right place! Image

Plan, that improves with age

The plan is designed to highlight the sundial with a balancing concept of letting the nature take its course.


Plan, that improves with age Image

Multifunctional space

The artwork not only imitates a sundial but also acts as seater. It can be used to relax, read and refresh ones thoughts.

Multifunctional space Image


The artwork consists of 2 sets of tiles, fixed and moveable. To create the tile movement, tracks are provided and wheels are attached to the tiles of set B. These tiles are interlinked to each other to have single movement. The wheels used are simple ball bearing wheels as the movement takes place along one single curved path. 

Movement Image

Glory to WHO?

The message that forms pattern on the tiles is “Glory to You”. This could be referring to plastic (for making our lives easy) or to us for not recycling (with a touch of sarcasm) or even sun (for everything). Here the message displayed  is indefinite but the purpose is clear.


Glory to WHO? Image

The factor of balance

The exposed concrete, the color of the reinforcement and the landscape element are designed to complement each other.

The factor of balance Image

Starting conversations!

The movement of tiles are made manual to start conversation between strangers. It could be on the installation art, about recycling plastic or even on unrelated topics.

Starting conversations! Image

Tiles with reinforcements

The tiles used for the artwork are made using concrete and waste plastic. Designing the tiles involved, molding of plastic into desired shape using injection method. The product obtained is used as reinforcements for the concrete tiles. 

Tiles with reinforcements Image

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