AWEAR Launch Campaign

I have created a conceptual launch campaign for the holiday outfit rental service AWEAR, a hypothetical brand collaboration between Zalando and Airbnb. The aim of the collaboration is to make a positive change in the way we travel by providing a circular model for fashion as well as a more environmental approach to aviation.

The AWEAR service allows Airbnb Plus guests to pre-order a customised holiday wardrobe from a selection of Zalando’s extensive range of clothing brands upon booking their holiday. On the AWEAR website or app, guests select up to 15 rental pieces for their virtual suitcase which are later delivered directly to their holiday destination before their arrival and collected by courier after their departure. 

Packaging Design

Customers clothes are delivered in a branded hanging box by local couriers and received by the Airbnb host at the accommodation. All hanging boxes, gift boxes and clothing tags are made from recycled cardboard.

To encourage guests to enjoy local experiences the accompanying, complimentary, gift box includes vouchers for activities and experiences located around the accommodation, provided on behalf of the blog ELSEWEAR.


Packaging Design Image

Gift Packaging

AWEAR provides a free laundry and repair service to care for the clothes and maintain their quality. Customers are asked not to wash the clothes so a clothing touch-up kit has been provided in case of any minor clothing emergencies. The gift box will also contain a selection of complimentary samples of sustainable health and beauty products.

*Pouch mockup:

Gift Packaging Image

Website and App

Without a physical store, access to the service is done remotely through the  AWEAR website or app. It is available for anyone in Europe travelling to and from the seven locations.

Website and App Image

App Pages

Alongside the e-commerce functions, the app also features the blog ELSEWEAR which has guest written content, trip highlights and recommendations from locals that are filtered to the destination of the holiday location.

The Packing List page is dedicated to travel tips and packing suggestion lists for cabin luggage that are tailored to the holiday destination, activities and length of stay

App Pages Image

Instagram Launch

In the weeks leading up to the launch, content for AWEAR will be teased on Zalando’s and Airbnb’s social media accounts so that AWEAR can start to build a following for when they launch.

On the day of the AWEAR app and website launch, a link to download it will be promoted through Instagram stories.

Instagram Launch Image

Instagram Content

On the AWEAR Instagram account, the content will include imagery from paid influencers, product imagery, a competition to win a free AWEAR experience, stories with links to the app, website and blog, as well as quotes that give customers a better insight into the rationale behind AWEAR.

For paid influencer content, AWEAR will work with a variety of high and low profile content creators whose accounts focus on fashion, sustainability and travel. They will be paid to trial the service, each in different locations, and create media in multiple forms to be scheduled on their account as well as AWEARs.

Instagram Content Image

Outdoor Promotion

The campaign will be displayed on outdoor advertisements in the form of billboards and adshels starting from the campaign launch and running for a few weeks after. They will be placed in main city centres to target frequent shoppers and the business centres on the outskirts to target busy professional.

Outdoor Promotion Image

Magazine Advertisement

The AWEAR campaign will include print media adverts in magazines such as Wanderlust, Conde Nast Traveller, Glamour, Elle and British GQ, to reach customers interested in travel and fashion.

They will also be published in in-flight magazines such as Easy Jet Traveller to target frequent flyers and holiday-goers.

Magazine Advertisement Image

Pop-up Concept Store

Taking place in major shopping centres in both Manchester and London as well as selected airports, the pop-up concept store will be available one week after the official launch for 4 weeks in each location.

The pop-up will display some of the clothing available for the services along with an interactive AR mirror so people can virtually trial clothing and create outfit ideas. Each week the pop-up store staff will be accompanied by a new special guest linked to the fashion industry who will provide personal styling advice.

Pop-up Concept Store Image

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