Aram Potter – VFX and Games Design

I have made 2 games for my final year projects, and have focused on the use of VFX for both games.

Lost Elements Game: 

As this was a more game design focused project I focused on game-play, environment and VFX to make a fun and visually appealing game.

The basis of the game entails the player controlling 2 characters which they can switch between, both a fire character and a water character. Their own unique abilities are used to complete puzzles to progress through the game and lift the curse that has been set upon a tomb beneath a pyramid.

Wizard’s Playground:

I created this game which includes magic, as I thought it would be an effective way of showcasing my abilities with VFX and also test my limits so that I can improve my skills. This is because with making a game that is based around magic, there are many opportunities and possibilities to create VFX to have a visual representation of the player’s magical abilities.

Wizard’s Playground includes a world in which you play as a wizard. The player can test out their magical abilities, create potions and just have fun with the mechanics and VFX and be creative within a 3D space.

Lost Elements - Desert Pyramid Level

This is where the player starts and the path leads them to the entrance of a cursed tomb beneath the pyramid.

Lost Elements - Desert Pyramid Level Image

Lost Elements - Tomb Level Entrance

After entering the pyramid, the player arrives inside this tomb.

Lost Elements - Tomb Level Entrance Image

Lost Elements - Tomb Mine

After falling through a brittle floor, the player finds themselves inside a mine where they must ride the mine cart to escape the mine and delve deeper into the tomb.

Lost Elements - Tomb Mine Image

Lost Elements - Mine Exit

At the end of the mine cart track, the player is led to another entrance of the tomb. In the next room of the tomb, the player must figure out a puzzle and perform a ritual in order to unlock the curse-bound door to continue through the tomb.

Lost Elements - Mine Exit Image

Lost Elements - Tomb Puzzle Room

In this room, the player must use both characters to complete a ritual which unlocks the door which leads to the rest of the tomb.

Lost Elements - Tomb Puzzle Room Image

Lost Elements - Tomb Spike Trap

In this part of the tomb, the player must jump across the moving platforms to get the other side. In order to help the player across, they can pick up a power up which slows down time for a small amount of time which slows down the moving platforms, but not the player.

Lost Elements - Tomb Spike Trap Image

Lost Elements - Winter Level Design

This is an environment which I cut from my final game. It consists of a forest and an icy/winter area of the environment where the player can jump on cloud platforms to reach the end of the level. 

Lost Elements - Winter Level Design Image

Lost Elements - Characters and Cursed Flame VFX

These are the two characters which the player controls. Each have their own particle system and materials which give a clear representation of which character is the fire element and which is water.

The fire character is surrounded by a spiral of flames. The water character has water droplets dripping from its body.

Lost Elements - Characters and Cursed Flame VFX Image

Wizard's Playground - Playground Arena

This is the environment in which the player gets to test out their magical abilities.

Wizard's Playground - Playground Arena Image

Wizard's Playground - Target Range

The target range allows the player to test out their spells and do some target practice.

Wizard's Playground - Target Range Image

Wizard's Playground - VFX - Potion Bottle Liquid

I created a liquid material inside UE4 which simulates the effects of liquid when the potion bottle is picked up and moved/tilted around.

Wizard's Playground - VFX - Potion Bottle Liquid Image

Wizard's Playground - VFX - Angel Wings Power Up

I created a model for angel wings which dissipate into tiny wisps that form the shape of the wings before flying away.

Wizard's Playground - VFX - Magic Arrows Spell

Here we have one of the spells which the player can cast. The player shoots magical arrows which have the ability to bounce off surfaces.

Wizard's Playground - VFX - Flight Ability

Lost Elements - Showcase Video

Wizard's Playground - Showcase Video

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