April Howie – Final Year Student

I am a Class of 2020 Graduate in Fashion Promotion currently shortlisted for two awards with the Graduate Fashion Foundation; the New Media Award and Communications Digital Portfolio Award,

Final Year Campaign

Shortlisted for Graduate Fashion Foundation 2020 New Media Award.

FACE IT is a revolutionary free App service for The North Face UK, working as a hub to promote mental and physical wellbeing within urban environments. A strategic campaign has been created focusing around the idea that fresh air and curiosity are both free. FACE IT’s campaign aims to engage with consumers on a sensory adventure, assisting them to understand the importance of fresh air, connecting with nature and taking time out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The campaign will work as a movement and spark a new method of engaging with consumers. Addressing the mental and physical aftermath of COVID-19. The North Face are in a great position to stand up and take the lead amongst fashion brands; in helping consumers re-engage with their urban communities. FACE IT recognises that 2020 was tough, and now we need to work together to ‘step over the threshold’ of our homes, proactively encouraging their customers to embrace the new normal.


FACE IT - The App

The App

The App can be downloaded onto any device and has 3 key Features within a personalised account:

1. Social Hut

A space hosted by professional athletes, PTs, Wellbeing experts, influencers and many more. Tune into live talks or listen to the ‘huts’ archive full of inspirational talks, mental and physical wellbeing advice, information on events and new outdoor locations. The Social Hut creates a community of like -minded urbanites seeking adventure, featuring a live chat section where users can have scheduled group discussions with the hosts and each other.

2. Fresh Air is Free

A fun personal interactive section, with emphasis on no numerical data encouraging users to get fresh air and partake in an activity. This section includes a tree animation which reflects the
users wellbeing, importantly, this obfuscates any numerical data from the consumer (taking stress away from constant counting), but it can still track the user (GPS accelerometers, etc) and accurately represent their mindset. For example, the app would know if you have been inside for too long and the tree would start to wilt and drop leaves.

3. Events

Free events to book on such as walk and talks, running, picnic in the park and events hosted by experts in recreational areas. Opportunities to book on paid excursions also, for example a walk and explore trip out of London to the Cotswolds and outdoor centres. Events cater for all abilities.



A billboard that help to advertise the service, situated in a city location on a building highlighting the importance of getting out during your busy day and taking a moment to enjoy fresh air and focus on your wellbeing.


Billboard Image

Direct Mail

A fun interactive direct mail that pops out into glasses that reveal a forest environment in the FACE IT’s branding, featuring the campaigns key straplines. A way to get consumers to interact with the campaign and download the app via the QR code.

Direct Mail Image

Guerrilla Marketing

Immersive Installation:
A fun outside installation that would be around the city in different locations. The consumer puts their head inside and presses play, a video will start to play for example a walk through the forest and an aroma of nature will start to surround them in the space. The idea of the installation
is to help with a person’s wellbeing around the city, to be memorable and to give them a point of convenience to download the app.

Guerrilla Marketing Image

Window Display

An interactive window display where people can have the opportunity to learn and be educated about forest bathing and it’s benefits. This will also attract people from outside to come in and interact with the display.

Window Display Image


The website operates as an informative space, allowing customers to download the app, learn about the service and look at what upcoming events are happening. It also gives customers the chance to purchase campaign merchandise as well as offering a discount on the store when downloading the app.

Pop Up Event

A pop-up event that would happen during launch
weeks in many city locations across the UK. On
arrival the customer will receive a free FACE IT
goodie bag, and enter into a fully immersive tent,
with cinema screens giving a 3D effect of walking
through a forest, birds song playing and different
nature scents such as pine and fresh flowers. The
tent focuses on highlighting the difference on a
person’s wellbeing, stepping away from the hustle
and bustle and focusing on something as simple as
getting fresh air and the curiosity of exploring.


Pop Up Event Image

Teaser Launch Video

A teaser video for FACE IT that addresses the mental and physical aftermath of COVID-19, showing customers that The North Face aren’t going to ignore the situation. The video works as a form of encouragement and an understanding that it has been a tough 2020, now we need to work together ‘to step over the threshold’.

FACE IT - Magazine

A mini-zine to feature in all city stores, free for customers to take home. The mini-zine helps advertise the app and its services as well as offers a breadth of knowledge such as interviews with wellbeing experts.

FACE IT - Magazine Image

Final Year Portfolio

My final year portfolio shortlisted for the Communications Digital Portfolio Award ,Graduate Fashion Foundation 2020.


Fashion Promotion BA(Hons)


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