AO3100/AO3200 – Temple of Antithesis & Made in Blackpool

Temple of Antithesis:

The project involved the design of a non-religious area of sacred quality and respite with a personal focus and the levels and gradient of artificiality and a form of sacred geometry in relation to the site. These themes are explored through the texture and atmosphere both internally and externally creating a new extreme exterior and a calming interior with spaces for gathering, shared experiences or self-isolated contemplation.

Made in Blackpool:

The project involved the research and understanding of Blackpool’s tourism and souvenir market, and the territories there within. Through research of a particular crafting method, the project involved the design and creation of a particular souvenir, further emphasised through the design of a building to create it. This project proves Blackpool to be not only a place to live and work, but as a place of industry and community.

01 Temple of Antithesis

01 Temple of Antithesis Image

02 Concept

02 Concept Image

03 Development

03 Development Image

04 Final Spaces

04 Final Spaces Image

05 Final Spaces

05 Final Spaces Image

06 External Revision

06 External Revision Image

01 Made in Blackpool

01 Made in Blackpool Image

02 Site Analysis

02 Site Analysis Image

03 Glassblowing and Souvenir

03 Glassblowing and Souvenir Image

04 Development and Materiality

04 Development and Materiality Image

05 External Design

05 External Design Image

06 Internal Design and Spaces

06 Internal Design and Spaces Image

07 Environmental Strategy and Sustainability

07 Environmental Strategy and Sustainability Image

08 Floor Plans

08 Floor Plans Image

09 Sections and Function

09 Sections and Function Image

10 Details

10 Details Image

Portfolio Details

Portfolio Categories

  • Degree show 2020
    • BSc (Hons) Architecture