Animations from my third year at UCLAN as well as my showreel.

The Mouse and the Mage

The story takes place in a fantasy world where a young and spritely cat named Sage is on a quest to create a concoction that will promote him to being a fully fledged mage. His final task is to find a small animal to add to his cauldron but little does he know that the mouse he stumbles upon for his last ingredient would cause more trouble than its worth. Sage must pursue this crafty mouse through rough terrain and into a large ominous castle where his strict yet fair tutor resides with his ghastly experiments.

How will Sage succeed in this trailblazing task?

Showreel 2020

A compilation of some of my animations created at uni and during my personal time.

The Emissary - Title Sequence

A title sequence for one of my assignments in which I was tasked to create an idea for a animated TV show. Here is the title sequence for my TV show idea about a boy and a demon who make an unlikely friendship in a dark fantasy setting.

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