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After three years of studying for a degree in Graphic Design at UCLan, my passion for addressing inequalities within society was further solidified. Following the completion of some generic briefs to ensure I have experience in a number of areas within design, I began to direct my attention to representing ostracized groups. A  key piece of work illustrating this is the modernistic re-branding of the Green Party, designed specifically for new generations.

Young Green's March

Rebrand the Young Green Party.

Previous campaign designs were very simplistic which made me want to introduce a more modern, vibrant approach tailored more towards the youth of today. I used a variety of design techniques within this piece of work, whilst still ensuring core elements, such as the manifesto, were presented clearly. Through ‘Type’ I was able to bring the ‘Young Greens’ to life.

Young Green's March Image


Brand an ultrasound lambing company.

Starting from fresh I created the name, logo and furthered brand use across other items such as T-shirts and vehicles. I later went back to this project in second year and created a more exclusive branding for it due to the company having an increase in budget and designing it to look more professional than I already had.

EweScan Image

Dalhousie Castle

Re Brand Dalhousie Castle, a Hotel and Spa in Edinburgh.

I chose to maintain the Castle’s rich history within the core elements of my design, using tartan throughout, however I moved away from a traditional layout and incorporated a more modern, calming feel. Through the use of juxtaposition, I was able to highlight and combine both the past and present uses of the Castle by maintaining a ‘old versus new’ approach. A key piece of history was able to be given a much-needed lease of life and brought into modern society.

Dalhousie Castle Image

Welly Wanging Contest

This project was designed in response to a brief set by design company , NextBigThing, in order to re-brand a ‘weird and wonderful’ sport of my personal choice.

I selected Welly Wanging, a sport which rewards the individuals who throw each welly the furthest. Originally quite a rural, specialist sport, I attempted to re-introduce the sport to the 21st century with a more family-centered approach, whilst still retaining a ‘fun, festival’ vibe.

Welly Wanging Contest Image

Silenced Musicians

In the final year of my degree, I was asked to implement typography within my work in order to highlight any issue of our choosing. I chose to base my work on current musicians being silenced creatively, particularly Drill artists based in London. I designed a silent disco event, playing exclusively drill music, with the key message highlighting how inequalities within the music industry and society as a whole will still continue to be fought, whilst their experiences are still heard. I also designed promotional items for the event, as well as presenting the issue affecting many artists who use music as their only outlet.

Silenced Musicians Image

Saul Bass Magazine

In the first year of my degree, I created a magazine based off of a randomly-selected artist. The artist I based my work on was Saul Bass, a famous designer who specialised in film-related pieces such as posters. The magazine layout was based closely on his approach to design and each page was designed with Bass at the forefront. As this was one one of my first pieces of work at university, it provided me with not only the actual experience of creating a magazine, but also creative inspiration.

Saul Bass Magazine Image

Letter Faces

This was a brief project in which I had to incorporate a number of design skills in order to produce this work. Using a combination of letters and numbers, as well as physical and digital design tools, I was able to create various characters. This work was inspired by Andy B.

Letter Faces Image

Italian Breadstick Packagaing

Re Brand Italian Breadsticks in a fun and exciting way.

I chose to incorporate the Leaning Tower of Pisa, one of Italy’s most famous landmarks. The actual design of the product required a lot of precision, regarding both the height and the width, ensuring a sturdy and stable end-product.

Italian Breadstick Packagaing Image

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