Adam Kay – Technical designer

For my Final year I did a total of 8 projects one of which was a failure, this was an attempt to do ‘Speech to Text’ In Unreal engine so it will not be included.

First semester prototype tasks:

Turn based combat RNG RPG – ‘What’s yours is mine.’

Second semester Prototypes:

Puzzle game with a training system – ‘Cuboid’.

Mobile game, reverse rhythm – ‘Meteor Madness’.

‘Speech to Text’ game – untitled

Developer game, where you manipulate variables with a UI in game using scroll bars – Dev game

Quick time event game, also getting used to sequencers and animation blueprints – ‘I am John Wick’.

Create a series of designer friendly Blueprints that are taken from Until Dawn – ‘Until Dawn Mechanic Recreate’.

Full year project:

Recreate ‘Risk of Rain’s’ Systems to get a close copy using Blueprints and a document published by a third party – Morph

‘What’s yours is mine’.

This was a project that took me a full semester to complete and after realizing an RPG was too wide a scope and after countless bug fixes I turned to prototyping.

What's yours is mine

This was a project that took me a full semester to complete and after realizing an RPG was to big of a scope and countless bug fixes I turned to prototyping.

Puzzle Game -‘Cuboid’.

This is what sparked the Idea to do the Prototype series, after quickly throwing a few levels together and having students play test my lecturers challenged me to develop the game over the course of a week to then follow that with a series of new briefs over the weeks.

Mobile Game

This is the game on Desktop for a better view – so by listening to the beats I tried my best to spawn each meteor at that precise time, and by using a timer by functions, I activated these “beat spawners” where it would go: – spawn < delay < spawn < delay < spawn < delay and then it repeats itself, when the beat is gone I would clear the timer.

Dev Game

This was the first brief set by Gary Napper at Super Massive games, the feedback was really positive with the added note of I should have spent less time with the theatrics of the weapon and more time on more options to change the functionality of the weapon.

John Wick

This is was the second brief set by Gary unfortunately I didn’t meet the criteria of the brief and the final prototype was the same as this one.  

Until dawn mechanics

So for this brief I remade the mechanics of a game done by ‘Super Massive Games’ and their main focal point is camera sequences in game, so I made my own custom camera system along with flash backs shown in the show reel.


This is the trailer I made for my Honours project.

Nan Turismo

This was our first games jam together in the EGX London event. 

Job role: VFX artist


This is the most recent games jam I participated in as a Technical Designer with the group ‘Lunch Box Games.’

Job roles; Animation set up, SFX, VFX and 3D Modeller


Beyond Earth

This was the Global Games jam Event.

Job role: VFX

Beyond Earth Image

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