Adam Fogg Degree Show 2020

This is the biggest room in one of the carriages so I could show off more of the assets and have a little more space to play around with the scene.

3D Train Scene Showreel

This shows off all of my scene from a cinematic perspective including close detail and lighting.

In The Ruins Showreel

Cinematic shots of a pan through my map and the various camps.

Train Station and Exterior of Locomotive

I took this shot to show the whole train and part of the station, so the scale is clear and to also show the side that’s facing the sun.

Train Station and Exterior of Locomotive Image

Interior Carriage 2: Luxury Seating Area

This shot shows off a number of different materials that have been created with ray tracing included.

Interior Carriage 2: Luxury Seating Area Image

Interior Carriage 1: Luxury Seating Area

I duplicated the train to create a small model replica of the train to add a point of interest in the carriage. The lighting of the two lamps was adjusted carefully to give a gentle glowing light.

Interior Carriage 1: Luxury Seating Area Image

Exterior: Train Station

In order to give a sense of time and history I included various props such as the luggage, within the locomotive. I wanted the viewer to get a sense of the decade it was in from.

Exterior: Train Station Image

Camp One

I aimed to populate this camp effectively with props since it’s the first camp you enter and its part of the tutorial to offer the player a good look around to see what they can interact with.

Camp One Image

Camp Three

Each camp suggests a story and history without revealing too much so that the player can also imagine the narrative.

Camp Three Image

Mayan Town: Market

The town is the biggest section of the map so it’s heavily populated with collectables, objects and mechanics. It was fun making small scenes for the town and decorating the houses/huts.

Mayan Town: Market Image

Mayan Temple Exterior

As this is the last part of the game, I made an ominous a huge towering structure, with the addition of dark-sounding music to suggesting that something intense is going to happen.

Mayan Temple Exterior Image

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